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4:06pm 09-23-2016
11:38pm 09-22-2016
Kenny B
Like this James?
7:31pm 09-22-2016
It's definitely one of the ideas.
3:12pm 09-22-2016
I'm pretty sure you're going to use this already, but for a "fuck you brad culpepper" idea, what if you just had Jonny Fairplay's vote for Shawn, but with Brad Colpepper written in Shawn's place?
8:18am 09-22-2016
Kenny B
Juat answering your question, Mario, yeah, Brad Culpepper used to play for the Buccaneers back in the 90s. So even as a Bucs fan, I have to say "Fuck Brad Culpepper".
4:27pm 09-21-2016
It's a possibility. I have a whole folder of possible pictures I can use there.
3:34pm 09-21-2016
What if for the Fuck you Brad Culpepper you did Amanda doing her dead zombie face saying it?
2:07pm 09-21-2016
#111 is now posted. Get ready to celebrate Christine from South Pacific.
6:38pm 09-18-2016
Okay thanks. I will probably keep the picture there since I like the Trish face.
5:51pm 09-18-2016
Trish has said Tony wrote shame on you Lindsie.
10:12am 09-18-2016
Oh that's amazing. Is that really Culpepper? I will probably use that.
7:27am 09-18-2016
Kenny B
1:18pm 09-16-2016
Alec is a snake, yeah, and sometimes he looks at butts. But he looks at boobs, too.
7:33pm 09-15-2016
Best Survivor humor comes from Mario Lanza.

Thank you, Sir Lanza! You should be knighted
4:36pm 09-15-2016
Thank you for getting this started. This new funny 115 will bring me so much joy over the next several weeks and months.
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