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1:19pm 04-02-2017
Loved your Katie entry! She's really awesome in her own way and so fun to watch in BvsW.
6:55am 03-31-2017
Also, seriously, what is up with the girl who has nail polish on in the current season? I can't keep my nail polish nice after a day in the office but she can have nice nails on an island?
6:15pm 03-30-2017
You are clearly talking to the wrong people.
4:50pm 03-30-2017
Today I made a post about why Pearl Islands is the best season ever on this one app. Then someone commented that Pearl Islands is a horrible Survivor season. And the only thing that's worse? Someone said that Russell Hantz was the best player ever. I was ready to throttle those people.
5:37am 03-30-2017
Spoilers tonight's episode.

Debbie "It's a dictatorship. With Brad just telling people what position they're going to take."

Debbie "I have a really good sense of balance."
Brad C "Oh Ok, then you balance."

Because of your FYBC entry that scene had me rolling on the floor.
10:05pm 03-29-2017
Oh boy J.T, you went to playing the first perfect game, to giving your idol away to the most least trustworthy person (granted circumstances were complicated), to not playing an idol while in the minority of your tribe while also playing with the one person who try to exact revenge on people who screw over her teammates.(Sandra btw)
8:14pm 03-23-2017
The real villains are those goats.
7:43pm 03-23-2017
True, she doesn't have a real villain to fight. That said, Sandra is playing harder than ever. Her charisma has always been her strength, and she's turned it up another notch this season.
1:47pm 03-23-2017
I just finished re-reading The Fall of Russell Part 2. You tend to forget how many laugh out loud moments there are. My personal favorite is Rupert's fake idol Only Russell would be dumb enough to fall for that. I'm pretty sure Sandra will be voted out soon, mainly because she doesn't have a real villain to fight.
11:16pm 03-20-2017
Kenny B.

Dan's mug
9:00pm 03-17-2017
Yep, there is something to be said about always leaving your audience with a smile. They will forgive you for a lot of stuff if you do that.
8:49pm 03-17-2017
Kenny B.
You're gonna need more pictures from the hunk of meat challenge. Haven't even gagged once. I mean, come on, none of them were pulling a Skupin and ripping it straight out of a dying wild pig.

Anyway, great entry. That scene alone is also a good reason as to how Cochran dominated Caramoan when you stop and think about it.
8:43am 03-17-2017
That was very well said. Thank you! And thanks for the Brad picture.
9:07pm 03-16-2017
Kenny B.
Mario, I got a few things to say about the latest entry, one of which might trigger you or some of your fans, but I'll say it anyway because I wanted to get it off my chest.

First off, thanks for including my FUBC picture on the countdown for the "Brandon interrupts Coach" entry. It makes me feel good seeing a contribution I made on the countdown. I never thought about thanking you for it before and I don't know why I didn't then, but thank you for putting it in The Funny 115.

Second of all, THANK YOU for saying what I've always thought and said about Brad. My friends and even my parents who have shunned him, saying there "was probably alot of mean-spirited and nasty things that were said behind the scenes". But I always shrugged it off and thought that if he did, that stuff would've been on the show if the editors were trying to peg him as a villian.

To me, Brad's Survivor storyline in BvW felt like a solid editor's moment. It was like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, where poor Ray Romano gets shit on every episode by his parents and his brother even though he's normally a good guy to have around and through no real fault of his own. Whoever in the editor's room who inspired those 4 episodes worth of unjust hatred on Brad deserves a pat on the back and a raise. Cause it was fun to watch when you also happen to be a fan of Raymond.

Third of all, and it feels wierd for me to say this, since I don't know what you think of our new President and I don't want to be the guy that drags politics in through the front door, but Brad could be the Donald Trump of Survivor, if you think of how much hate he got from all sides. Brad was, in all essence, just a guy just trying to play the game of Survivor that he loved watching with his wife. And his decisions during the game would came back, even the ones that had little to do with him (like Vytas' idea to vote out Marissa), to bite him later.
8:38pm 03-16-2017
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