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5:18pm 10-20-2016
Vanuatu is easily one of the 10 best seasons in my opinion, and one of the funniest.
5:15pm 10-20-2016
I don't know if you go through this same thing Mario, but nothing annoys the shit out of me more than people saying Vanuatu was weak, and a bad season. I just tell them "Listen to what Mario Lanza has to say about Vanuatu and it will change your mind" Thise people piss me off
6:55pm 10-17-2016
All my life has led up to this moment. Thanks, Mario!
1:18am 10-17-2016
Hey James, I just added your gif to the end of the Tyson entry. It's pretty funny, thanks for the idea!
2:14pm 10-16-2016
Worlds Apart is a lot of fun, it's a shame that people tend to only remember it for one scene. It is going to by far be the MVP of this countdown.
12:38pm 10-15-2016
Yay! I'm not the only one who liked Worlds Apart!
8:00pm 10-14-2016
Ok so i was just reading entry #63 about Dreamzs mispronunciation, and once it got to Brian taking about Soo-Yee I burst into laughter, and my parents looked at me wierdly. Then I kept reading, onto Todd and Judd, and I started crying in laughter. At that point my mom asked me if I was ok, and my dad tried to get me on sleeping pills so I would shut up. My point? FUNNIEST ENTRY EVER
7:33pm 10-14-2016
Just starting reading your writing and I love it! Good job on everything, it's really awesome especially the Fallen Comrade parodies, Funny 115, and All Star Survivor Greece and Hawaii. (Well except for the Russell Hantz opinion but I don't wanna get into that). But overall everything you've written I've loved, and can't wait to see the end of The Third One
4:15pm 10-13-2016
I know you're still working on the 3rd edition (and I am enjoying it the most of all editions. Hadn't heard the phrase "is having a sad" before but now it's one of my favorite phrases), but I just gotta put this out there... for version 4, assuming it happens and regardless of how many years away it is, there has to be a (note: spoilers for last night but not really, but just in case, I'm saying spoilers) "Jeff gets utterly and unexpectedly destroyed by a wave" entry. I had to pause because I was laughing so hard, not just because it was what it was, but also because he tried to downplay it and obviously the editors were all "No, Jeff, we ARE going to show it. You're not getting out of this." Just saying it now because I'll forget by the time we get to season 40+ >_<. Also yeah, that Colton character entry was 100% on point and at the time, I felt like he both made and ruined that season, and I didn't see the depth of his hypocrisy at the time (I mean I did, but not to the degree that you explained), but "Colton is having a sad." That will never not be one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen .
8:54pm 10-10-2016
Oh that's awesome, let me see if I can work that in somehow.
2:21pm 10-10-2016
Hey, so for the "Tyson is (still) a dick" entry, here's something you may want to add.

In that video, Tyson wins final immunity, and after he hugs Gervase and Monica, you can see Tina's hand reaching out to give him a hug of victory. He completely shrugs her off. She dejectedly tries to save face and goes to hug Monica instead.
11:00am 10-09-2016
...but legal. I wonder if Skupin went with that.
8:40am 10-09-2016
I like Jeff's commentary on how it's a very intimate way to play the game.
4:48pm 09-30-2016
Kenny B
Thanks for including my edits! I'll be doing more if I think of something good.
4:03am 09-28-2016
I am loving the new Funny 115. And even if Survivor isn't nearly as good as it once was, it is still better than most of the crap on TV. And the Funny 115 makes it even better. Keep up the great work.
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