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8:30pm 01-13-2017
I generally don't pay close attention to seasons as they are airing, so I don't have strong opinions of most of them. Except I thought Cambodia was terrible and I don't understand why people think Survivor should be like that. The other two were decent enough. I liked Adam as a winner. Debbie is one character that stands out that I liked.
7:35pm 01-13-2017
Hey Mario just wondering since it'll be a very long time il we get a funny 115 on these seasons so what are your thoughts on Cambodia, Kaoh Rong, and Millennials vs Gen X? And which characters are your favorites? Thanks
1:33pm 01-12-2017
Hey Mario! Love your writing, and just starting getting into the podcasts on your page.

I have a small suggestion for the Mary, Who? entry. She was actually not that forgettable! I can remember her clearly- she was the second boot on a two tribe season, and was voted out at her first tribal council. She loved survivor! Plus, she had a pretty shocking boot, considering there was a player who annoyed the tribe much more than her. However, since there was a couple on her tribe, she took the fall. So I think you should mention that there are some notable things about her.

Oh, two other things you might want to fix: You mistyped her name; it's spelt Mari. And she was on season 33, so you might want to move the entry to the 4th funny 115 list.

8:00am 01-11-2017
Debbie will at least be mentioned in an entry coming up.

The ASCII stuff was sort of a tribute to Shirin. I figured she would immediately know what that picture said since she is a computer programmer.
7:15am 01-11-2017
Two things:
1 - Even though I had an idea on what it will say, I still laughed my ass off when I converted the ASCII in the header of the most recent entry to text
2 - It's a shame we have to wait until the Tokyo Olympics to hear your writeups on Varner, Mark the Chicken, Debbie, Savage's Blindside and MvGX Episode 1 Immunity Irony
9:51pm 01-09-2017
I think it would be very easy. If somebody wants to create one, go for it. I will even write the foreword for it.
2:30pm 01-09-2017
Went through this as an addendum to re-listening to the earlier historians podcasts. What are the chances that countdown of Jeff Probst dick moments could be created?
2:23pm 01-08-2017
Devin, I will certainly keep doing them. I am just in the middle of a job search right now so I am trying to balance Funny 115 entries with that. That's why I only do about one a week at the moment.
2:08pm 01-08-2017
I loved the one about how the Australians love BB, that was great. And the one about why Kelly lost was because she was a woman was hilarious too, cause of how wrong it is. Can't wait to get to your three favorites!
1:11pm 01-08-2017
"Watch this, I'll skew the edit and force them to make her look like the bad guy. Don't mess with the leg, girl, or you'll get the horns."

I was expecting "Don't mess with the leg, girl, or you'll get the toes." when I read this entry (#100)
10:15pm 01-07-2017
I just wanted to say thanks for doing these posts. These things are hilarious and hope you keep it up.
12:27am 01-07-2017
Thanks! My three favorite chapters are How Tina Won, Writers are Needy, and the Temporal Junction Point. You will get to the Tina one soon.
6:18pm 01-06-2017
I've read the first 70 pages of When it was Worth Playing for, and I LOVE it so far. Every time I say this is gonna be my last chapter of the night, I have to read another. Very insightful and intriguing about the early days of Survivor. Please let there be a sequel!
4:11pm 01-05-2017
I hope Analytical dan gets to be buried in a sandy crater!!!.
9:12am 01-04-2017
So sad to hear about Analytical Dan...☹️. He will he truly missed.
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