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4:54pm 11-28-2016
One of my favorite scenes that was in in V2 was in Micronesia ep 8 when Ami wants to thank erik for maker her part of the Favorites again..... all while swinging and at one point pointing a machete at him... he weakly says "thats what i wanted"... . Ami was what i call"psychopassively aggressive".. always laugh at that scene
5:53pm 11-27-2016
I don't know if you've even noticed this or considered it for the Funny 115 version 2.0 but in the beginning of Heroes vs. Villains, episode 1 Jeff asks the villains if any of them think they're on the wrong tribe. Sandra, Courtney, Danielle, Coach and a few others raise there hand and then unexpectedly Russell raises his hand. Not only does he know he's one of the greatest villains of all time- He claims it! So I don't know if he was doing it to fit in or to be funny but I always found it amusing
7:38pm 11-24-2016
Well it's not like Bob ever killed anyone.
5:32pm 11-24-2016
When you made the recent "Bob Johnson" entry, did you try to stop yourself from making references to a certain "Krispen Wah?"
1:14pm 11-21-2016
Tony is too much like a puppy to ever be a big villain.
9:39am 11-21-2016
Ok, what would be so funny in Season 34, would be if Tony turns out to be Sandra's archnemisis, like Fairplay and Russell have been in the past. Do you think that's a possibility? If so we're in store for a very entertaining season
12:45pm 11-19-2016
Just a quick reminder that my book "When it was Worth Playing For" would be an excellent gift for you or the Survivor fan in your life this holiday season.
1:39pm 11-17-2016
I have had so many people tell me about Solitary and JP's appearance on it over the years. It is one of those things I keep mean to getting around to watching, but I just haven't had time yet. Maybe after version 3 is done I can go back and catch up on Solitary.
8:41pm 11-10-2016
Hey Mario,

Was reading through the original Funny 115 again, and I came across JP's entry from Vanuatu and noticed that you mentioned he had potential to be a Survivor Legend. You may already know this, but JP actually went on another reality show called Solitary, where he made a pretty good name for himself and was entertaining to watch. The entire season is on Youtube if you're interested, and here is a link

Keep up the awesome work!
1:53pm 11-05-2016
reading and loving the entries.along with watching worlds apart again. When i re read the immunity chicken article i now believe the idol in WA - the skinny part of the 2 pieces was either made by Ozzy or is product placement by Mr Peanut.. it looks crappy as.
11:00pm 10-31-2016
I already gave my expert opinion, just read entry #2 on Funny 115 version 2.0. That's pretty much all you need to read. Russell is not a great player, he's not even a good player. He had barely even watched Survivor before he went out and played it, he had no idea what he was doing out there.
2:37pm 10-31-2016
Before you do though, here's his argument. "Russell was an amazing strategic player that found three idols and Natalie rode his coattails." That was his only comeback to what I had been saying. If you could give me your experts opinion that would be AWESOME. Thanks
2:33pm 10-31-2016
Hey Mario, this person I've been talking to is saying Russell Hantz is one of the best Survivor players ever. How stupid am I right? Anyways can you post the link to an article that you talk about why Russell sucks? I want to show that guy what you have to say. If you don't have one that's fine I couldn't find one. Just wondering
12:01pm 10-29-2016
There is a quick little scene in Nicaragua in the final few episodes. Holly is walking and talking with someone and she stops and looks quick behind. When the other person turns around she lets out a quick "Fooled ya". I can't remember who it was and am having a hard time finding it but I've laughed every time I've seen it. One of those quick funny moments.
4:44pm 10-23-2016
Hey, here's a challenge I found to be pretty hilarious.

It's funny because of how much of a failure it was. The aim was to hold the coconuts above a tile so it wouldn't break. But,
1. Almost nobody held theirs over the tile when it fell, or it hit the bamboo around the tile.
2. Only five of thirteen tiles actually broke. Only two of them were a direct result of the challenge itsself.
3. When Rick's fell, it hit the tile but didn't shatter it.
4. Same with Albert.
5. Keith's only broke because he punched it.
6. The only ones whose tiles actually shattered were because the person who won dropped it onto it.
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