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4:21pm 02-17-2017
A week without a new entry, boo.

Quench my thirst for Survivor! Is the Redemption Island entry that's up next about Stacey? I'm dying here.
10:16am 02-09-2017
That's the amazing irony, because for Ozzy's terrible acting to make sense, he has to assume that Christine was also acting about being on the outs with her tribe. Ozzy's so bad at acting, he can't tell when other people aren't.
5:07am 02-09-2017
Oh and Dan not knowing how to spell is especially hilarious because he delivers mail for a living so you'd think he'd need to know how to read English.
5:04am 02-09-2017
I'm with Brad on this one. Ozzy's "genius" plan was to keep Cochran - who was bullied and treated terribly by Ozzy and his friends - over Christine - who openly hated her original tribe and would have worked wiith Ozzy in a heartbeat. Ozzy lost the game for him and his allies the second he had his plan to get rid of Christine (over Cochran! Seriously?). His plan wouldn't have worked even if he had been an increible actor. So a well-rounded player? I don't think so. He had a terrible social game and an even worse ability to strategize. I can't believe this entry made fun of his terrible acting wihout making fun of the fact that Ozzy's "genius" plan was actually the stupidest decision he could have made and ended up with him and his entire tribe getting decimated at the merge.
9:36pm 02-08-2017
I don't know if I want her to win, but I'm definitely hoping she makes it far. I do love Sandra, and if she were in a season with anyone other than Cirie, I'd want her to win. But Cirie is, to me, the best non-winner to ever play Survivor.
9:35pm 02-08-2017
I hope Sandra wins again first because Sandra winning means Sandra is around the entire game and that means we get one of the most entertaining survivors for an entire season but also because it might finally quiet the sizeable portion the fanbase which discounted her two previous wins and says inane things like "Boston Rob is the best player ever" or "Russell (or Parvati) should have HvV".
1:10pm 02-08-2017
Am I the only one who is hoping that Sandra becomes a 3 time winner? Despite people like Ozzy, Malcolm, Cirie, etc being in Game Changers, I would think that she'd be a huge target because she has won twice. Plus her confessionals are hilarious!
6:02am 02-08-2017
I like the Ozzy Acting entry, but you missed one of the funniest parts about Ozzy's plan- he was terrified of Christine coming back into the game and rejoining the Upolus, but she hated the Upolus more than anyone. He basically took a huge risk to eliminate someone who wanted to ally with him.
5:02pm 01-25-2017
I meant for this season of returnees Tim. Of course there have been a lot of people that shouldn't of come back like Colton or Brandon. But I'm just saying as far as returnees go Culpepper is one the people I don't mind returning.
6:33pm 01-24-2017
Could have? Heck, I'd argue they have done a lot worse. Just look at Colton. And Ozzie. And Brandon. And Candice. And Kat. I could go on for a while.
4:03pm 01-23-2017
you got to feel bad for Culpepper he goes on to play this game with his wife, have a good time. And everyone seems to hate him (at least the people he voted out)because of his unusual strategy. to be honest i'm glad he gets to play again. don't know what new he could bring to the table, but as returnees go CBS could of done ALOT worse.
8:39am 01-23-2017
I don't hate Culpepper at all. I am a big fan of his. It's more me making fun of people who hate Brad Culpepper and trying to turn him into a thing.

I already fixed the gestates, I'll go fix the other one. Oops.
7:40am 01-23-2017
Hey man, great Tony entry. Woo picking him over Kass was the game killer.

Changing "unphased" to "unfazed" and "gestates" to "gesticulates" would make the entry perfect.

And while I'm writing to you, why all the Culpepper hate?
9:12am 01-20-2017
That will be its own entry.
5:39pm 01-18-2017
I don't know if this would warrant its own entry but I hope you at least mention about how Dan Foley completely got destroyed on the slidepuzzle challenge. mainly for the fact he doesn't know how to spell
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