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11:40am 03-16-2017
So glad to see someone defend Brad. I was never the biggest fan of him, but the sheer amount of hate that I saw for him was kind of annoying, but mostly just baffling to me. I mean, in Game Changers, we have overused "strategists" like Ozzy, people with little to no actual gamechanging acts like Sierra and Caleb, but Brad was the one who I saw drawing the most heat.

I mean, was Brad a Game Changer? No, but neither is about half the cast of Game Changers. Seeing people claim Brad was the only person they had any negative feelings about prior to the season (and yes, I did see that) was just...astonishing to me.
9:24pm 03-15-2017
I've been rewatching South Pacific (the season is way funnier than I remembered) and I realized a lovely addition to Ozzy's acting: the tribal council where he volunteers to go to Redemption Island, he jokingly says he's going to play his idol before giving it to Cochran as was planned. Except the joke is so poorly delivered, the Savaii just sit there with a look of "You idiot, why didn't you just say you were going back on the plan instead of wasting an idol?" until he says he's joking. It's the little details.
2:00pm 03-14-2017
I was rewatching the first episode of Game Changers, and I noticed something that would make good material for a Funny 115 Version 4.0. They're talking about killing the goat, and Brad Culpepper says "Then we would have to kill Tai too." Basically calling Tai a finals goat. Very subtle yet very good.
10:04pm 03-09-2017
Kenny B.
I wasn't very familiar with what went on in Worlds Apart, but the entry was really well written, so kudos to you Mario. Can't wait to see what you'll do with the upcoming entry regarding Blood v Water.

Also, I was reading through v2.0, and the "You have to get up pretty early to fool Lisi" entry came up. I noticed how Lisi was laying on the ground, and it reminded me of a moment in Dragonball Z in which a supporting character (Yamcha) dies and falls over in that same position. So thanks for that, too.
3:12pm 03-09-2017
Tony is cool but lets be honest he deserved to go home. That dude straight up said he was looking for idols, got caught digging around that well thing. and picked a fight with THE Sandra Diaz-Twine. the odds were stacked against him.If you were ever on survivor would you want this guy as the same tribe as you.

At the very least we could get an awesome entry for a fall of Tony if we ever get to 4.0.
8:55am 03-09-2017
I agree, Mario. Honestly, I've always been a Sandra fan. Those two episodes just proved that winning twice was not by getting lucky. Sandra's social game is absolutely amazing to watch.
12:09am 03-09-2017
I love Tony and he is absolutely one of my favorite winners. And I love that he was running everywhere again. But that being said, he is not Sandra.
10:20pm 03-08-2017
Alas, poor Tony. I was hoping for a successful sequel to the Spy Shack, but it was not meant to be.
9:53pm 03-08-2017
Got to love Tony
5:08pm 03-08-2017
Even before this Funny 115, I found Jenn Brown highly underrated as far as snark comedy is concerned.

Also, wasn't expecting a Danger Dave Ball reference. Made my day.
3:56pm 03-08-2017
New entry was AWESOME! Great to see Jenn Brown get some love!
9:07am 03-07-2017
Thanks ,

Albert Wallis
6:21pm 02-28-2017
no problem
12:50pm 02-28-2017
4:18pm 02-27-2017
alright I've finished the Spencer pic hope its to your liking.

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