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9:12am 01-04-2017
So sad to hear about Analytical Dan...☹️. He will he truly missed.
4:07am 01-03-2017
Oh ok xD I see. I would've loved to see an all top 10 Coach cause he's the most entertaining guy to ever play the game but I understand people not liking him. And about the DAYUM thing that makes sense. Thanks
2:34pm 01-02-2017
Yeah and like I wrote in the entry, DAYUM was featured on the Ellen Degeneres show for a couple of weeks after it happened as well. It was one of the few crossover moments that made it big outside of Survivor.

In regards to the Coach entries, I easily could have made the Top 10 all Coach entries but I had to break them up and spread them around the countdown so my readers wouldn't revolt. Coach was not a very popular character at the time I wrote version 2.0. He was kind of a tough sell so I had to work him in gradually.
11:18pm 12-31-2016
It comes from nowhere and the two girls (and a cutaway to Frosti) jump out of their skins... its freakin hilarious
6:35pm 12-31-2016
I just finished reading the Funny 115 V 2.0 (amazing job by the way) and I agree with mostly everything, except for one thing. I'm a little confused why "Dayum!" is top 10, and entries like "They call me the Dragonslayer", "Coachs Poem", and "The Almighty BobDawg fall outside the top 90. I'd have each one of those higher than Dayum. Can you maybe explain the reasoning in that and maybe help me to see why Dayum deserves the top 10? Thanks
8:09pm 12-25-2016
Thank you! Feel free to email me if you have any comments about it.
10:52am 12-25-2016
I got "When it was Worth Playing for" for Christmas, can't wait to start reading it!
4:56pm 12-22-2016
You can blame One World for that. I don't feel like writing about that waste of a season.
3:25pm 12-22-2016
I feel like I'm the only person who likes Troyzan. I mean he made the season interesting after the merge as the only thing in Kims way to victory. And it was so funny just how bad he was at attpempting that. He acted like he was the one in control. Too bad he only has one entry and it's really even his. After him voted out the only good part of the season was Tarzan trying to pull off a Chris Daugherty and miserably failing.
7:04am 12-18-2016
Yes, Troyzan tried to annex an island, which is an act of war, but he's not the first player to declare war during the game. Butch declared war against the very existence of trees in the Amazon and they fought back!
5:48pm 12-17-2016
Yep, no more Troyzan.
4:49pm 12-17-2016
Is that really the only troyzan moment?.. my fave is the next Immunity challenge oily slide ringtoss.... after hes eliminated he stands with his back to the game refusing to watch like a big crybaby. He was one of my least favorite players that season but that still made me laugh.. at him
12:45pm 12-17-2016
Not gonna lie. Totally forgot that Troy is even in the next season. Alongside Sandra, Tony, Cirie, Malcolm, Ozzy, and others. Yeah, he's screwed.

And I agree, Tarzan was the only thing the season really had going for it after Colton's exit. He had no chance to win, but he was just so...Tarzan. There really is no other way to describe him. Tarzan was Tarzan.
11:38am 12-01-2016
Everytime I sit down to eat or do anything remotely enjoyable, I make sure I have a entry of the 115 loaded up to make it that much more enjoyable.
Thanks Mario
5:46pm 11-28-2016
We just talked about that scene last night in our new Historians episode.
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