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10:58am 09-15-2016
I just put up an intro page at the top of the countdown.
8:55am 09-15-2016
Even at the time, I felt the season went down hill after Colton left. The rest of the season was pretty much a giant steamroll from Kim that puts Boston Rob to shame.
8:22am 09-15-2016
Yeah no season has ever suffered a bigger loss than when he is evacced in One World. There is no reason to watch that season after that episode.
6:23am 09-15-2016
No joke, you just made me think of Colton in a completely...well, kind of, different light. Still can't stand the guy, but I can see what you mean about how much he made One World. After he left, there was Kim...the asian chick no one liked (Christina)...the alpha bitch (Alicia)...and a few guys that had no chance of winning.
2:33pm 09-13-2016
Colton's entry is posted
11:48am 09-13-2016
All hail the Great Immunity Chicken. And bless the great Mario for bringing it forth.
Looking forward to your taking on Colton next.
3:33pm 09-12-2016
I agree. I wouldn't have found the entry nearly as hilarious if it was expected to go to that. The low hanging fruit shouldn't be avoided at all costs. Just used sparingly.
10:35am 09-12-2016
Kenny B
Louis C.K. would have a field day
8:06pm 09-11-2016
Dick jokes are always funny but you have to be careful not to rely on them too much. Like, maybe every once in a while just to remind people you aren't above something like that. It helps keep your readers on their toes.
6:55pm 09-11-2016
And me! Awesome entry. Only you could make dick jokes amazingly hilarious.
2:28pm 09-11-2016
I doubt anyone would get a History of the World reference but you and me.
1:58pm 09-11-2016
New Funny 115 AND Football? This is the best 9/11 ever.
7:49am 09-11-2016
Good first entry, Mario. Can't wait to see the other 114 entries you can think of.
7:33am 09-11-2016
Your write-up of the first v3 entry was freaking masterful, and I'll be in stitches all day.

Although, I gotta say, as a fellow "History of the World, Part 1" superfan, I can't believe you didn't make a "HE's a eunuch...he's dead" reference.
11:33pm 09-09-2016
Here is an AMA I did on Reddit the other day, where I give a lot of info about the new Funny 115:
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