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10:08pm 05-10-2017
I don't have an entry like that planned
6:21pm 05-10-2017
Will one future entry be how in Cagayan Trish and Sarah attempt to throw a basketball based challenge when they have a former NBA player on their tribe or will that be under the entry detailing the wacky (mis)adventures of the "Brains" tribe?
11:09am 05-10-2017
Oh that's great, let me see how well that works as a page.
6:45pm 05-09-2017
Loved the Tarzan entry and the Sandra-Jesus addendum was hilarious! Reminds me of something I figured out a couple of weeks ago- you can interchange Coach and Michael Scott quotes. Just say a Coach quote in Michaels voice, or a Michael quote in Coachs voice, it totally works.
9:42am 05-09-2017
Thanks! That actually ties in perfectly with a future entry I have planned. I will use that.
6:13am 05-09-2017
Hi Mario,

I love your website! It's hilarious.

For version 3 Entry 81 on Katie's poor head, I just wanted to point out that Katie's head is also mentioned in episode 7 of BvW. There's a scene where Vytas and Katie just woke up on the beach and Tina was talking about how she would be honoured if Vytas took a liking to Katie.

Tine said: "However, the guy who gets Katie is going to have to hit her over the head with a club and drag her into his cave."

Ignoring the fact that Tina seems to be advocating for domestic violence, it seems like Katie's head is fated for injury.
8:39pm 05-08-2017
Kenny B
For the record, the winner is Leif.
8:08pm 05-05-2017
2:33am 05-05-2017
I'm very worried about this countdown. By my math, there should have been at least 18 Chase Rice entries by now. Are you saving them all for the end?
3:49am 05-02-2017
Also I know it's a bit too late for it but another thing I loved about the "Return of Fairplay" in Micronesia that you forgot to mention was the music editing. In Pearl Islands they were playing this sad music to fit the mood when we all thought his grandma died. Now that he's back and everyone and their grandma knows that it was complete bullshit, the editors decide during the scene that shows why he was a "favourite" (aka the dead grandma scene), they were playing this happy tropical music as Fairplay "lamented" the "death" of his grandma.
9:16am 05-01-2017
If you follow current wrestling, do you think Probst and Mr. Mcmahon are similar in that they both love big sweaty guys to be placed front and centre (Rob for Jeff, Roman Reigns for Big Vince)?
7:55pm 04-28-2017
Or this. Did you guys see this yet? It is an addendum I added to the Funny 115. It is completely blasphemous and hilarious.
7:50pm 04-28-2017
Thank you! That's the entry I am most proud of so far.
5:24pm 04-28-2017
Dylan T.
Finally getting caught up on version three and I cried laughing at the Thank You Brad Culpepper article. Actual tears came out of my face. I always liked Brad but that article still opened up my eyes to how awesome he is as a Survivor character. Absolutely brilliant writing, Mario.
9:56pm 04-23-2017
Funnily enough, South Pacific was actually my first ever season of Survivor.

In retrospect, it wasn't the most glorious start, but it could have been much worse. I now feel the need to rewatch it just to try to track the snarky Sophie comments I missed throughout my cheering on Cochran (I was a 22 year old nerd, who was six feet tall and 155 pounds before attempting to join the military and beefing up, so I saw a bit of myself in Cochran).
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