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6:02pm 03-14-2021
Kenny B.
i just realized that Dan's icon at #2 has him throwing out the peace symbol like Sandra did. lol
12:11am 03-10-2021
I binged the entire Dan Foley entry last night, and I think it's probably the best thing I've ever read on this site. It was funny, but it was also a really sobering look at the editing process and the way that Survivor tends to treat its players. Dan was over-the-top, and I think genuinely unaware of how he comes off at times, but to me a lot of the time he came off as a guy who was basically a big kid, letting his excitement get the better of him, and trying his best to say and do all the right things but never actually really being able to pull it off.

I saw a lot more of myself in Dan Foley than I'd ever care to admit, because I too think I am a hilarious guy that is loved by everyone around me, and I'm probably more wrong about that than I know. That's why I'm really grateful for this entry, because it gave us a balanced look at the good things about Dan. The way he loves his wife. The way he reached out to Shirin. The way he tried to be a good sport when he was winning rewards and Rodney wasn't. The way he wanted to be loyal and got that loyalty twisted and distorted by more unethical players. There was a lot of good in Dan, even if it wasn't obvious.

My takeaway from this is that Dan's biggest sin is just not understanding how he comes off. It doesn't seem right to hate a guy who's out there trying his ass off every day to make you laugh and entertain you the best way he knows how, but just doesn't manage to do it right. If nothing else, I think he deserves respect for the sheer amount of effort he put in, even if it didn't pan out.
10:40am 03-08-2021
Is #1 Coach again? Oh my god I hope its good.
2:28pm 03-06-2021
The final entry should be three parts. Maybe four depending on how I want to do it.
9:01am 03-06-2021
Kenny B.
Mario, if #1 is Coach again I swear to God lol
3:21pm 03-05-2021
If the O/U on # of parts for the final entry was set at 7.5, which one should we take?
2:26pm 03-05-2021
Amazing Dan Entry. I hope someone can show it to him and we can get a comment from about it from. Can't wait for your Coach entry.
8:59am 02-23-2021
Yep and he's not really called Boston Rob most of the time either. They just retconned that in later, along with the hat.
5:46pm 02-22-2021
Kenny B.
Anyone ever notice that Boston Rob didn't wear a Red Sox hat during Marquesas? It was actually a New England Patriots hat.
2:08pm 02-09-2021
Yeah that's a great way of saying it. I will probably use that quote. Worlds Apart was always a season that should have been in a different era. It's not the best season but it will forever be fascinating to me because of that. Fittingly, it's like the adopted child of the Survivor timeline. It doesn't have the same DNA as any of the siblings around it.
8:13pm 02-08-2021
Reading this Dan entry and hearing what people say about Worlds Apart; it seems the season's major sin is going full mid-2000s car crash reality TV in a time when that was becoming distasteful.
10:48am 02-01-2021
Thank you! I hope to have the next part of it up later today.
5:14pm 01-30-2021
Hi Mario. If the Dan entry is this thorough and funny and is number 2, then number 1 must be a doozy. Looking forward to it (& the rest of the Dan entry of course).
4:10pm 01-24-2021
Travis, I'm glad you stuck to your guns. Comedy should always take precedence over romance, ha ha. Well done!
7:34am 01-24-2021
Reading the Dan entry; Mario, thank you for highlighting Kelly as the center of the Blue Collars. The edit really shafted her for whatever reason even though she was seen as a close enough ally to the rest of that tribe that they threw a challenge to save her
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