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11:28am 03-23-2021
I can't think of a better way to lead us into the vote.
7:24am 03-23-2021
Coach Wade
"With friend and foe we march to the battle plain

Some to seek success. Others to seek fame

We play with honor. For the love of this game

And with armor or without, we will toil in vain

So that someday, someone, somewhere, will remember our name."
4:53pm 03-22-2021
Kenny B.
Speaking of Nawel talking about v1.0, I wanted to mention something small about Fall of Russell Part 2. So you know about the confessional where Russell goes and buries the Villains' machete and brags about how it'll help him, he also talks about other things he could hide, like Boston Rob's "little B hat." Russell says something very interesting that, if you know anything about baseball, will make your sides explode.

"Rob likes that little B hat, don't he? And I don't even LIKE the Boston Red Sox! It's the Houston Astros, baby!"

So for those not in the baseball loop, just a few years ago, the Houston Astros finally won the World Series for the first time in franchise history. And just how did they get there? By spying on the catcher's signs, banging trash cans and using concealed beepers to notify their batters of what kind of pitch is coming up. In layman's terms, the Astros cheated to win the World Series in 2017. Once everything leaked and came out into the public eye, the Astros became Public Enemy #1, and their players were constantly booed by everyone and getting intentionally tagged by fastballs.

The parallels are kinda staggering, if you stop to think about it.
3:30pm 03-22-2021
Thank you so much!
3:20pm 03-22-2021
The Dan Foley entry is wonderful (and epic!). I love how it takes such a nuanced approach. You deservingly mock Dan, but also give him a very gracious and humane treatment, and treat everyone else - even Jeff and the show - fairly and measuredly well. Even now that Survivor is far from the show it was in its glory days, you are doing such a great service making us laugh but also being a true (and real-time) historian for the show. It's a real public service!
10:57am 03-19-2021
Version 1 was written nearly fifteen years ago, and it was a totally different style than I later developed. So yeah there are a bunch of things I would do differently if I ever went back and I redid it. You'll notice that Rudy never even got a character entry, and if I did it now he would be in the top five. Keep in mind that version 1 wasn't a website at the time, it was just a feature in my MySpace blog. I never meant for it to be this giant thing.
10:07am 03-19-2021
I love reading version 1.0 of the funny115, but I always feel like it's missing the moments that made me laugh the most! They both came from Guatemala, a pretty average season that had me looking at my phone for most of it, but two moments made it totally worth it! Those two moments are the irony of the car curse, and how sure Cindy Hall felt that she was going to break the curse, only to annoy Rafe with how much she was bragging about her car. The fact that she ends up also being voted out that same episode (I believe) is also hilarious. The whole moment with the ritualistic chicken (it was a chicken I'm pretty sure) in the finale was also absolutely hilarious. Two moments that I was sad not to see on the Funny115, and that I thought would totally fit your style of comedy. I guess it's probably because Guatemala had just come out at the time and Judd and Gary had taken all the spotlight for you ;-;
1:08pm 03-18-2021
The first guy who was kicked out on Palau, Jonathan Libby, he had survived testicular cancer prior to playing.
10:54am 03-18-2021
Hey Mario. I'm reading the Kat's appendix entry, and you mention something about testicular cancer and Palau? WTH's that about?
2:37pm 03-17-2021
I am THERE for it! Enjoy the writing process for entry 1 and enjoy your break when it's published!
2:03pm 03-17-2021
Yes! I will most definitely do an Angelina character entry at some point in the future. There's no way I will ever commit to doing 115 writeups in a row ever again, but I definitely want to do a couple of standalone writeups. And of course Angelina is definitely one of them. She deserves to be memorialized.
1:02pm 03-17-2021
Hey Mario! I've been in love with all three editions of the Funny115 and your Brad Culpeper/Kelly Shinn/Dan Foley entries were actual eye openers on how dirty they were done, outside of their quirks.

I'm sure you'll be happily retired after #1 is published but do you think at some point in the future, you'll publish a character entry on Angelina from David v Goliath? A one-shot? Because it's clear she's really the only memorable character from seasons 31-40 as a genuine positive. There've been blips but most of the last 10 seasons are sparse of comedy, if not outright traumatic.

At any rate, congrats again! These have been wonderful reads.
6:07am 03-16-2021
10:40am 03-15-2021
Hey Rob I just added your post to the feedback page for the entry. Thank you!
10:37am 03-15-2021
He's reminding you that he's the #2 entry.
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