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7:28pm 12-11-2019
Ah, Jeff Kent. One of my favorite sore losers of Survivor.

-This comment is now the property of Barack H. Obama-
9:06pm 11-19-2019
Thank you! I was especially proud of that sugar rush entry. That's one of those that I'm not sure is all that strong a pick without the writeup.
2:46pm 11-19-2019
That last entry was...quite possibly the best written. And no, I'm not just saying that because I fell for the hyperlink.
7:18pm 11-14-2019
Colby's Hat
My greatest crowning achievement.
12:27pm 11-02-2019
Kenny B

Press F to pay respects lads.
10:02am 10-10-2019
I really want to get out a flurry of entries before the end of the year. We'll see how it goes.
5:22am 10-10-2019
Two entries in one week! This is amazing!
7:11pm 09-17-2019
Hi Mario I just bought your book and I got as far as Rob saying his season ended in May 2002. Looking forward to reading on my split shifts at work but found that interesting
6:11pm 08-25-2019
Kenny B
I just got done reading through poor Purple Kelly's edit. God, she had it worse than Mike Wazowski did in Monsters Inc.
11:38am 07-29-2019
Luke sure you can send me new ones. But I get to judge if it's good enough for the page or not, so no promises. For the 40 that I included I also cut like a hundred.
12:30pm 07-26-2019
Jeez I did not think that the producers of Survivor would be able to top Silas from Africa for their most screwed over contestant, but their treatment of Purple Kelly topped Silas'. What was her biggest crime? Quitting because she was freezing her ass off, which was the result of the producer's bone-headed decision to not allow her to wear clothes. It's one thing to tell a story; it's another to put someone's health at risk for the story. If anyone deserves a second chance, in a way, Purple Kelly deserves an apology at the least
10:46am 07-26-2019
Are you still/will you accept viewer submissions for the Sandra-Jesus Twine page? I was dying of laughter at some of the pictures, and I'd think it be even better if there were more.
9:35am 07-16-2019
Your Funny 115s are incredible! I just read the entire Coach saga and I was in tears! Please keep doing what you love, and I will never stop reading!


3:43pm 07-03-2019
Don’t be embarrassed! IMO Survivor Alaska ALONE puts all returning player seasons (except HVV, Philippines, and maybe Cambodia) to shame! Might follow in your footsteps and write my own all winners season (no stupid twists or pregame alliances). Anyway, can’t wait for the purple Kelly entry next week!
11:36am 07-02-2019
I'm kind of embarrassed of my history with All Star Survivor, to be honest. Not that I think my stories are bad, it's just that my stories existed in a more idealized universe where everyone came into a returning season on the same level, and there was no such thing as a pregame alliance or a vendetta against past winners. I really did expect that All Stars would play out very fairly like I portrayed in my story. And then of course when All Stars was such a disaster in 2004, and it had all been predetermined who was going to do well based on everyone's past placement, I was horrified. You'll notice I never wrote another story again after that first real All Star season came out. That was the day I realized that returning players on Survivor was a bad idea. Survivor has to be played by strangers to have any validity. And I have never changed my stance from that, either. I just don't consider returnee seasons to be real Survivor seasons. To me they are more like exhibition games.
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