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7:57am 05-05-2021
Kenny B.
I'll also draw the Coach Quixote comparisons with this link to an article I found while I re-watched Tocantins and Heroes vs Villians. It's quite a staggering comparison, too. Also, I can't help but laugh thinking about whether Coach would be a hero or a religious extremist.
7:08am 05-05-2021
Kenny B.
Hey Mario, I don't know if you've drawn this conclusion already, but I don't think Coach wasn't really meant to be referenced with God or dragons or slaying or anything like that. Re-watching South Pacific, he reminded me of another crazy medieval hero: Don Quixote. For those not aware of the story, I'll summarize in a sentence from Wikipedia.

Don Quixote, in the first part of the book, does not see the world for what it is and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story.

Basically, to me, Coach embodied the story of Don Quixote throughout his Survivor career as the Windmill Slayer.
10:54am 05-04-2021
Coach is all over the final entry. But it's not about him.
3:52pm 05-03-2021
Sur Viv Or
I am dying to know what your funniest survivor v3 is! Please tell me that Coach at least makes a cameo appearance lol
11:56am 05-03-2021
I haven't really thought about Adam and the podium much. Mainly because I can't stand what the show has turned into in seasons 31-40. Maybe one day I'll be able to enjoy those seasons a little better, but I doubt it. The producers are just phoning everything in right now, and the fanbase is ridiculous. It makes it hard to appreciate things.
11:55am 05-03-2021
In regards to the reddit moderators, I am actually friends with a few of them, so I know the kind of shit they have to deal with. And I have a lot of sympathy for them because I've had to moderate groups before, and it's not easy. And also, online Survivor fans are the worst, especially nowadays. So I have nothing bad to say about them. It's a thankless job to have to referee a bunch of reality TV fans who don't realize how fake and fabricated and bullshit this show actually is, and who are simply way too close to the show.

That being said, I know the moderators have banned people for totally innocuous things in the past, and I wish they wouldn't. There's far too much concern on the internet for people saying the "right" things, as opposed to the correct things. Reddit unfortunately gets bogged down in that quite a bit, and I have seen it on the Survivor board. It's apparently more important that peoples' feelings are protected over people writing accurate things. But whatever. That's basically the internet for you.
7:41am 05-03-2021
Russell, you need to get in the ocean and wash your ass
4:12pm 05-01-2021
Russell Hantz
3:36pm 05-01-2021
Hey Mario! What did you think of Adam and the podium in WAW? Do you think it's top ten worthy? The set-up with him talking to michelle and she doesn't give a shit, The whole tribal was just a ben vs adam clown-off and the ultimate payoff with his attempt to grab an "idol" from the podium. Does it get any better than this?
11:23am 04-28-2021
Ok so mario- million dollar question (I hope they don't see this because who knows what they will do): What are your thoughts of the ever so sensitive /r survivor mods on reddit?
9:53pm 04-21-2021
yr mom
okay i know i'm 14 years late but i can't believe you didn't point out another random and bizarre part in the dead grandma lie challenge where Tijauna's loved one isn't even her best friend, but her, and i quote, "high school sweetheart and still good friend." i swear her list of loved ones must've been short as hell
5:56pm 04-20-2021
Marcus Aurelius
Some of the greatest inspiration was born out of desperation
1:10pm 04-19-2021
Coach Wade
Hey Russell, as iron sharpens iron, so too does one man sharpen another.
7:15am 04-19-2021
Natalie White
The greatest to ever play? Mah werd.
5:42pm 04-18-2021
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Who taught that bitch to use a computer today?
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