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12:31pm 03-15-2019
I never did one because I don't like the idea of jurors mugging for the camera just to get more camera time. None of that ever seemed very organic to me, so I didn't want to focus on it in a writeup.
12:10am 03-15-2019
1. Your site is amazing and provides endless entertainment...thanks for your hard work putting this together. Just discovered it!

2. Havent all of the entries, but scanned through 12-20....did you make one regarding Eliza's reactions as a jury member in FVF? Not sure if I overlooked it or if it wasnt there, but i always thought Eliza set the standard as queen bee of juries after that season.
12:17pm 03-09-2019
The Michelle one.
6:32pm 03-08-2019
Loved the newest entry. I had no idea that Kass was a Suckster, that definitely puts so many things about her in context for me now.

Just to clarify, was the rumor about Ponderosa group activities the Michelle one or the Parvati one? Either way, it's amusing.
3:45pm 02-14-2019
Michael I'm aiming for the second book to be done by this next Christmas. It won't be anytime soon.
12:20pm 02-03-2019
On #55 of V3, on the last part you mentioned Leviticus 4:20, which when I looked the second part is actually fitting for the story of Na Onka and Fabio: “He is to do to the bull just as he did to the other bull of the sin offering. That is how he will do it, and the priest will make atonement for them, and they will be forgiven.”
10:52am 01-18-2019
Hey Mario I read your first book and absolutely loved it, do you have any timetable as to when to expect the second one? Thanks
6:02pm 01-17-2019
John Wetteland
I'm just going to go by John Rocker from now on.
2:01pm 01-15-2019
As if entry #99 couldn't get any worse, John Wetteland might not be the best alibi
11:10am 11-20-2018
I'm kind of shocked that Amy O'Hara was mentioned for a potential female hero. Her challenge performance with an injured ankle is one of the best moments of that season and one the best "hero" moments in any season. I also think that Amy would have provided another strong female for the Heroes and stand out on a tribe that mostly had younger females.
6:24am 10-12-2018
Rewatching all seasons for this 115 v3
Up to Phillippines = you could nearly do an entry based solely on confessionals tearing Abi apart.Malcolms Dementor one is probably the best
3:37pm 09-28-2018
Who do you think is the most memorable(not necessarily the winner)from each season?
7:01pm 08-10-2018
From what I heard from my Survivor buddy, Russell's torch has already been smuffed.

At least he didn't finish worse than in Redemption Island? Good for him.
4:34am 08-01-2018
Sadly the Hantz in australian survivor rumours are true....
and looks as if he is being handed idols again... and now he's the greatest player the WORLD has ever seen...... i think ive seen this storyline 1 or 3 times before
4:21pm 07-19-2018
The current season of Survivor: South Africa (Phillipines) is a goldmine for strategy, unintentional comedy, and intentional comedy.

It has what Mike Bloom agrees is one of the greatest 'fights where both people lose' in all of Survivor lore.

There's this guy who finds an idol clue and doesn't want anybody else to see it, so before he goes back to camp he decides the best way to get rid of it is to wet it in the ocean and eat it. He's the straight man.

They found a way to make Savage, Big Tom, and Rupert into one person.

Half the cast is straight up bad at Survivor, but like not in a One World way, more in a 'everyone is Sugar or Coach' way.

It's really bizzare watching it cause I'm like "Is this an actual Survivor season? In 2018?" It's not Pearl Islands by any means, but it would fit right in with China, Gabon, and Tocantins as a really good Funny 115 2.0 era season. In fact I think there are at least 2 people who would have gotten their own entry in that list. (Marthunis and one of Tom/PK for those watching, also Jeanne is in the Jenn range of one liner artists)
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