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3:52pm 10-20-2021
He was solid, but I'd put him fourth. The best were the Thai Green Berets that not only had to find food, but also had to deal with the fallout from Grindgate. Those guys could multitask.
7:00pm 10-13-2021
Mario, what are your thoughts on Nathan the Fijian expert? I put him above Da, but below Tata and the Thai Green Berets
9:03pm 07-23-2021
Appreciate the response! Love all your work and looking forward to the next book!
2:06pm 07-23-2021
The ban applied to all wrestling matches and basketball games, so the wrestling fans didn't even realize why they were being punished.
2:05pm 07-23-2021
Hey Zach, thanks! And yes I am working on a second book. It will be my main project once I finish the Funny 115. I already have the first ten or fifteen chapters posted on my Patron page if you wanted to become a Patron, I wrote them a while ago.

In regards to my student section, I used to be a really nasty basketball heckler back in high school. And one time I was mad because during a tournament game at my school, they sat our rival school's cheerleaders directly in front of our student section. So when they were performing, I started a chant that went "1,2,3,4, get your cattle off our floor." The other team complained to our admins, and it led to a big thing, and that meant our student section was banned from all games for like two weeks. They didn't know it was my chant though, so I didn't take the hit for it personally.
8:11pm 07-18-2021
Hey Mario, was just reading your book and had two questions for you if you have the time to answer them. One, are you still planning on writing another one? Because as a fan who didn’t start watching live on TV until Tocantins, I would love to hear the insider perspective on seasons 4-7 which are some of my all time favorites. And secondly, you mentioned how you got your entire student section banned from attending wrestling matches in high school which I’m very curious about since I got my entire friend group kicked out of football games in my senior year. Love the book by the way thanks for writing it!
10:16am 07-10-2021
Russell Hantz
Is that a threat or a promise lol? (because if that's a promise, you have a deal.)
12:21pm 07-05-2021
I mean, I could always make it the end of August. Would be easy to do.
6:00pm 07-03-2021
Natalie White
I guess winning Survivor was too ambitious a goal for you Russell?
4:00pm 06-30-2021
Russell Hantz
I guess end of June was too ambitious a goal for you Mario?
9:17am 06-22-2021
Kenny B.
Yeah eatinggrin, "that's my fetish" will always be one of my favorite moments. Right up there with "DAYUM!"
2:13pm 06-20-2021
Searched for 'shit eating grin' and found #57 on v2, with the old animated gif of the two girls in shock while the dude grins.
I hadn't known the context for the gif despite it being around for ages, never saw the series, so it is good to finally know why.
Maybe it was better in my imagination, thinking of what they were watching.
3:53pm 06-17-2021
Kenny B.
You totally should after you post #1. Consider it one of those "Honorable Mentions" kind of things.
11:05am 06-15-2021
Version 1 was a totally different style and I didn't really know what I was doing yet. There are a lot of things I could change about v1 if I could go back and do it again. I would also give Rudy his own character entry.
11:36am 06-04-2021
Hey Mario! I loved V1, but I do have one problem. I feel you glossed over the Jon vs Sandra storyline, the most underrated rivalry ever. Why didn't you make it into one entry?
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