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12:20pm 04-16-2022
Dear Mario, I love the Funny 115 and just did a major reread. Because you are a fan of ironic humor, I thought you might like this: My Amazon recommendations are all messed up because I've been reading Funny 115. Last time I went on Amazon, it recommended me two things: The Survivor Panama DVD, and laxatives. I thought you'd appreciate that, and Bruce Kanegai wouldn't.
5:40pm 04-11-2022
Mario and Historian crew right now: "We can't get another episode of Historians together because Caryn sucks"
8:45am 01-26-2022
Holy cow Lanza.

When I was 12 I watched Borneo with my family as it aired. We didn't continue on to Australia. Later in high school I got into Big Brother, but fell out of that too shortly after All-Stars.

Fast forward 20-something years and my wife is a massive Survivor fan always begging me to watch it. Finally during the pandemic I did and it has completely taken over my life. I can't quite describe it. But I cannot get enough Survivor. Perhaps it's because, like Jay, I am a huge wrestling fan and Survivor parallels it so much. With the recent state of wrestling turning me off of it since 2019 for the first time I can ever remember, Survivor has more than filled that hole for me.

In my attempt to get more Survivor content, I joined many message boards, Facebook groups and Reddit only to find a ton of people who seem to not understand this very easy to understand show. Discussion was not happening anywhere and so many people would tell me my read on anything was wrong because I hadn't considered their own subjective speculation in favor over the events of the show. Could this show have an entire fanbase missing all the points?

My friend directed me to the Survivor Historians and holy crap this is insane. I find you guys repeating things I've said (long before I said them) that normally have me strung up and ridiculed online. Jay throwing in wrestling references, yourself throwing in Norm MacDonald deep cuts and Paul being a human computer are all things I'm here for.

Thank you for what you all do, I love it and am listening nonstop but have to remember to pace myself lest I run out of Historians content. Incredible stuff and it's so refreshing to hear people actually discuss the show and not the peripheral information you can't even trust. It's not reality, it's self-scripted drama that follows clearly intentional story beats and sequences (most of the time) and fans can't seem to grasp that. If you ever need a fellow wrestling/Norm/SNL/Survivor/someone in the school systems/Canadian to give you the lowdown on things fans say about the show currently, or you need another temp, I'm your guy!
4:16pm 11-30-2021
I don't know if you guys are following me on Twitter, but I've been releasing the #1 entry chapter by chapter. I just post them as release them as each one is written. You can always find all the latest updates here:
11:01am 11-17-2021
Wow I totally forgot I had written that. Although that doesn't prove Russell actually had any less of them. We don't know how often Brandon was thinking about her.
10:16am 11-12-2021
Hey Mario! I was reading JT's letter entry, and I loved how you introduced Russell as 'Brandon Hantz, only taller, scarier, balder, and with fewer Mikayla-boners'. Turns out he had WAY more, as apperently they dated after the show, just after he got divorced. Gross.
7:03pm 10-21-2021
Agree on the Thai Green Berets. They truly could multitask. Although I do wonder what Tata the Pimp’s reaction to grindgate would have been.
3:52pm 10-20-2021
He was solid, but I'd put him fourth. The best were the Thai Green Berets that not only had to find food, but also had to deal with the fallout from Grindgate. Those guys could multitask.
7:00pm 10-13-2021
Mario, what are your thoughts on Nathan the Fijian expert? I put him above Da, but below Tata and the Thai Green Berets
9:03pm 07-23-2021
Appreciate the response! Love all your work and looking forward to the next book!
2:06pm 07-23-2021
The ban applied to all wrestling matches and basketball games, so the wrestling fans didn't even realize why they were being punished.
2:05pm 07-23-2021
Hey Zach, thanks! And yes I am working on a second book. It will be my main project once I finish the Funny 115. I already have the first ten or fifteen chapters posted on my Patron page if you wanted to become a Patron, I wrote them a while ago.

In regards to my student section, I used to be a really nasty basketball heckler back in high school. And one time I was mad because during a tournament game at my school, they sat our rival school's cheerleaders directly in front of our student section. So when they were performing, I started a chant that went "1,2,3,4, get your cattle off our floor." The other team complained to our admins, and it led to a big thing, and that meant our student section was banned from all games for like two weeks. They didn't know it was my chant though, so I didn't take the hit for it personally.
8:11pm 07-18-2021
Hey Mario, was just reading your book and had two questions for you if you have the time to answer them. One, are you still planning on writing another one? Because as a fan who didn’t start watching live on TV until Tocantins, I would love to hear the insider perspective on seasons 4-7 which are some of my all time favorites. And secondly, you mentioned how you got your entire student section banned from attending wrestling matches in high school which I’m very curious about since I got my entire friend group kicked out of football games in my senior year. Love the book by the way thanks for writing it!
10:16am 07-10-2021
Russell Hantz
Is that a threat or a promise lol? (because if that's a promise, you have a deal.)
12:21pm 07-05-2021
I mean, I could always make it the end of August. Would be easy to do.
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