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12:25pm 12-11-2020
LOL. I'm not a World's Apart person, so I doubt it.
(Seriously though, I was overly-aggresive and impatient. Let's just turn the page & pretend none of this ever happened; fair?)
10:44am 12-11-2020
It's already posted. I just set it so your IP can't view it. You'd really like the entry, it's amazing. <3
4:44pm 12-10-2020
Maybe you should stop commenting here Mario & work on finishing the last 2 know, the 2 you said you'd finish by the end of the year
9:46am 12-09-2020
I also got the whole Tanya vs Stephanie Dill subplot because of info people had told me. When I was talking to Gabriel before the season, he told me that Tanya and Stephanie didn't get along in real life. Apparently he knew both of them. So I wrote it into the story that they were cold to each other. Well, Tanya read that and she was like wtf, Stephanie and I talk all the time, we are buddies from Thailand. So I basically took all this info people had told me, and I worked it into the story. And then it became the major storyline of the season because Gabriel (IRL) didn't know those two were close, so Gabriel in the story wound up not realizing it as well. Thus leading to his downfall. All that came from real life info.
9:43am 12-09-2020
That Britney joke actually came about because of a conversation I had with our Survivor-Central webmaster, Murtz Jaffer. I was trying to figure out how to write Tanya Vance in a story, because I had never met her before, and I didn't have very much info to go on. So I just sort of wrote her as an innocent little small town girl, like Amber in Australian Outback. But Murtz had met Tanya in real life at an event or something, and he had partied with her. So he told me, "Um, she's not as innocent as you think." I just took that line, and I thought of the Britney Spears song that was still popular at the time, and I gave her the scene where she sings the song. Although what I was really doing was setting her up to be a much more clever player than you would expect. So really, Murtz telling me that she wasn't that innocent completely changed the way I wrote her character, and it led to basically the rest of that story.
5:52am 12-09-2020
its honestly really cool that you did that, like actually talking with actual survivors. had no idea that was like possible lmao. also the Britney album joke was great (and a good choice, its a great record lol)
1:15am 12-09-2020
Thanks! I was always proud of that Greece story. It's probably not as strong as Alaska or Hawaii overall, but it was by far the hardest one to pull off. There's also a lot of "me" in that story because I was a classics/mythology minor in college, ha ha. Oh yeah, and the players at the end all basically wrote their own characters, so that was fun because the process was so interactive. I was exchanging emails with the final three players all week, they were all following the story as the episodes came out.
3:49pm 12-08-2020
reading Greece fanfic again was amazing! (maybe staying up stupidly late for it wasn't the best move but whatevs), loved the writing, how everyone was presented and how greek mythology was so entwined in it all. great stuff <33
1:21pm 12-08-2020
Except you said that you'd finish it by the end of the year. You may not have meant to, but you imposed a deadline on yourself and now you're tied to it. Next time, just say "I'll finish it when I feel like it" and that way people will only be disappointed by you being slow at finishing the list.
8:21am 12-08-2020
And you guys don't have to defend me. I'm going to work at my own pace and on my own timeline regardless of what anyone says. It's one of the reasons I just run my own site and I don't work for anyone else. I don't really believe in deadlines or timelines. Stuff gets done when it gets done, and that's that.
3:25am 12-08-2020
ahhh yay!! very excited to read again <3
12:31am 12-08-2020
Hi Alexis, okay my archives page is back up and all my stories are once again available. Enjoy!
9:20am 12-07-2020
Hi Alexis, I'm in the process of moving the Funny 115 from one hosting server to another. So you happened to catch my archives in the one week where Greece and the other stories aren't there. Just give it a few days and everything will be back and available again.
1:11am 12-07-2020
hi legend! love your work here. was just wondering what happened to the survivor greece fanfic? sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, just curious since i seem to remember it being on this page.
7:07pm 12-05-2020
For real, if you want it done by the end of the year, pay him what his job would
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