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4:16pm 06-22-2017
I love that one! But the problem is that I already did a Skinny Ryan pic for a FUBC. I used one at the start of entry #91.
3:52pm 06-22-2017
Hey Mario, just wanted to say your writing is great as usual. Not sure where to put submissions for FYBC pics, but here's mine, a reference to one of the most brazen statements of hostility in Survivor history.
1:25pm 06-22-2017
Zach, thanks! I am very proud of that entry, it is one of my favorites. It's probably because it is especially mean spirited and biting, I tend to be at my best when I am angry about something. But then again Probst sort of asks for it with the crap he has been pulling the last few years. In fact, some of the jokes in this entry are direct reactions to things he has said to people during interviews recently.
12:05pm 06-22-2017
I agree. But lord knows how difficult it is to keep a muzzle on Probst...
12:03pm 06-22-2017
I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard at an entry since Version 2.0. That was amazing. I will always love anything that makes fun of Probst and his "big movez" mindset. That is why the premerge of Blood vs Water is amazing. Thank you for giving us #70 on the Funny 115.
10:04am 06-20-2017
It's not bad. I wouldn't mind if they kept it. But I do worry that Probst talks too much during it and he could easily steer the jury in the way he wants them to vote. So if they muzzled him I think it's a keeper.
4:23am 06-19-2017
Hey Mr. Lanza, just curious, what are your thoughts on the new jury format? Thanks.
4:36am 06-17-2017
Chase Rice is seriously such an underrated character. I feel like the main storyline of Nicaragua is "Chase shakes hands with somebody, that person gets voted out." Dude has a betrayal boner lasting more than four hours. I always imagine not having seen Nicaragua and having somebody explain to me everything that happens with Chase in a vacuum. And you look at his list of dirty deeds on paper, and you think "Wow this guy must be a big time villain, like JFP 7.0!" But then you watch the season and like... he's just a really nice guy that's doing the best he can. Honestly one of the better dudes we've had on the show IMHO. He causes just as much of a train wreck as Sugar causes in Gabon, but Chase doesn't need a lifelong cocaine addiction to do it. Some of the best (and my personal favorite) Survivor characters are the people who week after week always find themselves in power, and week after week always make the wrong decision. And to me it's very clear what happened. Chase Rice hadn't seen any Survivor prior to being recruited, as is tradition. So he sits down in sequester and watches a few of the most recent seasons to catch up. Let's see, what were the two seasons before Nicar- oh jesus. So our intrepid hero is in for quite a treat. He gets to watch Russell Hantz play something loosely resembling the game of Survivor. Being the impressionable country good ol' boy that he is, he's drawn in by the propaganda rose colored edit of Russell's whack-a-juror expedition and decides that this is the way the game is played. So he goes out, he wheels and deals, and he breaks promises on a whim. But unlike Russell, he takes no joy in it. Maybe because he's not a literal psychopath. But in any case, we can see that the game kinda takes a toll on him. He keeps putting himself in situations where he has to fuck over one of his friends, and he feels really bad about it. He even felt bad about voting out Shannon fucking Elkins, that's how pure hearted and naive and wholesome he is. Chase Rice is like that old onion article where it's just a picture of a Cinnamon Roll titled "Report: Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure" except in this case the Cinnamon Roll accidentally murdered a bunch of people. Nicaragua to me is a season that gets too much flak despite having great characters, much like Worlds Apart. Chase Rice is a forgotten anti-hero, he's the Twila that just wants be friends. Without Chase Rice's total lack of competence, we probably don't get Fabio as a winner. In fact, I'm betting Fabio doesn't make it far into the merge. So thank you Chase for saving us from the Sash-and-two-goats-who-both-get-more-votes-than-him Final Three. Instead, we get a Chase Fucking Rice and a Fabio Fucking Birza. We get to live in a world where "Chase Rice, Country Music Star" and "Fabio Birza, Survivor Winner" are two phrases that exist. God bless Chase, god bless Nicaragua, and god bless America.
11:17am 06-08-2017
I'm glad to see that you appreciate Kat. I was afraid that you didn't like her, so thank you for acknowledging that she was one of the best things about One World.
8:05am 06-07-2017
It's not broken, I just haven't written #71 yet
6:49am 06-07-2017
Link is broken on V3 between item 72 and 71. Nice job on this and Historians Mario!
11:08pm 06-03-2017
Survivor has had some incredible scandals.
8:18pm 06-03-2017
Some Guy
I'm glad I'm a fan of The Funny 115. It taught me about Fartgate, a scandal that has never been topped in terms of controversy, although it's followed close behind by Flintgate.
8:01pm 06-01-2017
Few favorite moments during Game Changer:

1) Insect during Tribal Council which scares Sandra
2) Micheala drinking during J.T. voted out. (A.k.a the Sugar incident)
3) "For 94 days" "Don't do it Jeff!" (Jeff's troll smile)
7:59pm 06-01-2017
Phew... I'm glad to hear it. I just don't want to see Brandon's Meltdown or any scene involves Philip vs Brandon in Caramoan.

It was something most people are in debate on Brandon's mentality.
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