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12:24pm 06-01-2020

Podium idol, Tony’s ladder, and Sophie’s reaction to her blindside for version 4?
4:50am 05-27-2020
A lot of Survivor challenges from seasons 30 onward include a puzzle at the end. What are some unique challenges from earlier seasons you'd like to see return? I know you've praised the Mixer challenge in the past.
12:11pm 05-26-2020
I agree with you Mario, it’s just so unfortunate that certain winners couldn’t be on for certain reasons. Earl had just had a baby, Jenna I’ve heard has been in and out of rehab (not certain on this, and I hope it’s not true) and apparently Tom has had some tough health issues that would’ve made it impossible for him to compete in WaW. Heck, even if they had it 10 years ago, Ethan couldn’t have been on either. The fact that Hatch, Tina, and Vecepia weren’t on this season is a travesty. Brian should’ve been on too (but we all know Probst will never allow it after the puppy thing)
12:28am 05-26-2020
I would have picked all the important winners for sure. Hatch, Tina, Tom Westman, Chris D, Heidik, Jenna M, Vecepia, Ethan, Earl. If you don't have them, I don't see the point in a season like that. Other than for Probst to keep up the propaganda that only the later seasons are important. I also would have done it ten years ago when people were still young and in Survivor shape. They simply waited too long for it to be special.

And my next book is about 1/4th of the way done. All the chapters I've written are available on my Patron page for my $5 and up Patrons. Once I finish the Funny 115 I'll get back to it and finish the rest.
11:14am 05-25-2020
Who would you have chosen to compete in Winners at War? And what is the status on the next volume in your book series? I loved the first one and have read it over and over.
9:03pm 05-21-2020
Thanks Deric, welcome to the Patron club! And thanks for the compliments. And I will always say Brian was the best winner because even though it was only a 4-3 win, he was never in any danger of not winning. Chris had to fight and fight and fight, Heidik never had to do that.
2:13pm 05-21-2020
Deric Foreal
Hey Mario I joined the alliance I'm a Rob C patron now. I really respect the way you answer ppls questions and your writing style we seem to have the same style of humor. Keep up the good work. Ps Heidik beat clay the goat 4-3 .chris won 5-2 with I belive 5 women on the jury.Does this give you room to pause on Hiedik over Chris for best player ever?
11:46am 05-20-2020
That's a question with so many different answers, who knows. Season 10 is a good guess but Exile Island and Cook Islands are where it started to get silly with the gimmicks. But then they rallied for a couple of pretty old school seasons like China and Tocantins. I would say nothing once Russell showed up, for sure, but your mileage will vary based on your answer before that. I do know that Palau was the last season I was really 100% invested in. Guatemala was where it first started to show its age.
11:10pm 05-19-2020
Deric Foreal
Mario. What do you consider to be the last true season of survivor? I'm guessing you would say season 10.
1:03pm 05-19-2020
Oh wow, I didn't realize I never updated that. I'll add a new banner pretty soon. As it stands now, it's 1.1 million for the first one, 1.4 million for version two, and 1.3 million for the third one. At the end of the day, version 3 will be the one that everyone remembers.
6:49pm 05-17-2020
Hey Mario! You have a banner from 2011 celebrating 300,000 visitors. Can you do an updated one for 2020? I wanna know how many people have been on this website...
2:44pm 05-15-2020
Daugherty is my favorite winner but I'll always believe Heidik was too good at the game, and that's why you'll never seen him again. The producers never liked him because he was too hardcore for them. They want to give off the image that this is a family show.

And Eric, no. You want bitter feelings at the end. If you don't have that, it didn't mean much to anyone. Also most of the really important winners weren't even invited. I will never consider this an important season in the canon. It was a joke.
6:14pm 05-14-2020
Mario - curious if you would agree with saying that Winners at War is what you wanted out of All Stars (advantaged, edge, fire tokens, aside)

A fun season of legends who played the game hard but harbored no bitter feelings towards anyone at the end. No one legacies we’re damaged, but some (Tony, Michele, sara, etc...) we’re improved.
4:26pm 05-14-2020
Deric Foreal
P.s. I always thought you thought Daugherty was the best player. I'm still going with Tony as king. But Daughtery played the best single game.
4:22pm 05-14-2020
Deric Foreal
Mario anyway they'll let Hiedik come back?
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