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9:18am 03-11-2020
Nope. It's just a five second scene. #1's have to be more epic with more for me to add.
4:21pm 03-09-2020
What?! Tony speaking llama is not your number 1?!
4:35pm 03-07-2020
Love the Not another Team Movie/Katie stuff
Its one of my favorite comedy movies.
"Katie Rules"
1:34pm 03-07-2020
Ha, that's a good point. I never thought about that.
5:27am 03-07-2020
Mario, I don’t know if you would put this in your Katie Collins entry, but my theory is that as long as you are Tina Wesson’s closest ally you will randomly acquire new, extremely goofy, clothing items throughout the game that appear randomly with no backstory. Katie’s glasses are only the Version 2.0 of Colby’s hat
2:46am 02-27-2020
Who would be in survivor: Probsts crush season?
9:16am 02-25-2020
I imagine you've probably had it reccomend 1000 times and you're sick of hearing about it, but Survivor SA: Phillipines is basically what would happen if you simulated Amazon over and over until Roger won the game completely on accident.
8:35am 02-25-2020
Deric Foreal
I'm with you Mario .cbs seemed to want a me too moment.spilo even looks like harvey Weinstein
1:06pm 02-21-2020
Survivor made that Dan incident happen, if Richard isn't there now they have no one to blame but themselves. So I have no sympathy for them.
10:36pm 02-20-2020
To be somewhat fair, Richard Hatch is probably a bad call, considering the whole Sue incident, given what happened last season with Bad Touch Dan. I do wish Tina would have come back, and I don't think it's a coincidence that of the three people voted out thus far, two of them were old school players.
3:41pm 02-19-2020
Morgan Behind
Yeah Fabio should have come back. Or just called! Richard Hatch and Tina Wesson also. WAW is heavily skewed towards new school players and gamebots
5:58pm 02-16-2020
My thoughts on the WAW premiere are that it was fun at first, but it really tailed off in the second half because it's all just strategy strategy strategy and everything moves too fast to be a satisfying narrative. And it's only going to get worse once the twists and the advantages all take over. Also, most of the really interesting and important winners weren't even invited to participate so this season doesn't really mean all that much in terms of Survivor history.
4:42pm 02-16-2020
Deric Foreal
I hope the winners in the jury refuse to vote for someone who has gone to Edge. Jeremy has already said this thank God. Also I think the 2 ppl that have the most tokens will be the ones who get back in the game.
12:57pm 02-15-2020
It'd also be funny if Probst still pushes the "Parvati is a flirt" narrative considering she's now married with a baby.
12:55pm 02-15-2020
The fact the Sandra is NOT the first contestant voted off every time she plays, is really a testament to how great of a player she really is. Also, I'm convinced Probst puts in every contestants' contracts that Boston Rob and Parvati are not eligible to be voted off until specified dates in the game (probably Day 36).
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