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8:39pm 12-18-2017
I was just reading your MST3K countdown and was almost wetting my pants from laughing so much. Are you still working on your Top 25 favorite episodes? I just rediscovered the episodes on Pluto TV and am loving them. There was one episode where one of the Bots riffed, 'Put her down, Jerry Lee,' but I can't remember which movie it was. I loved the reference to Jerry Lee Lewis, and it always stuck with me.
10:17am 12-18-2017
Thank you! That means a lot to me, because that's one of those entries I know not everyone will love. I tried to do something different with it. Also, it took forever lol.
5:59am 12-18-2017
I just have to say that your last entry about NaOnka as by far one of your best entries ever! I could not stop laughing!
7:20pm 12-14-2017
Maybe at the end. Depends on how burned out I am at the end.
6:43am 12-14-2017
You've talked about many entries you wish you could have included on both lists, so I was wondering if you've considered doing some sort of honorable mentions for those that you feel deserve some spotlight on the website.
10:57pm 11-30-2017
Yeah, I hear you. Everyone is obsessed with making #bigmoves, and doing little else. Although ironic comments/statements can make me smile at times. Probst must be loving this season!
10:36am 11-30-2017
I got so bored by it I haven't seen the past three weeks. I'll just catch up on it after the season ends.
9:34pm 11-29-2017
What are your thoughts on the current season?
9:54am 11-27-2017
Thanks, I never knew that.
6:42am 11-27-2017
@ Tocantins part 2.
Just a remark that it was not a "Excalibur" theme song but actually quite a classical piece called "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff which was just used by Trevor Jones in that movie. The song itself is over 80 years old.
11:44am 11-25-2017
kei w.
funny list dude
1:08pm 11-21-2017
Sorry, no Russell entries this time around. I'm done with him.
3:45pm 11-18-2017
I hope the fall of Russell Part 3 will be an entry. There already was a Part 1 and Part 2 in the funny 115 2.0. Also, unlike the other two times, Russell got voted out by his tribe and then got beat in a duel.
7:37pm 11-09-2017
I count five Redemption Island entries thus far and one to come so that means there's one in the top ten? What could it be? I seriously have no idea - I remember very little from that season. Did the short guy with the hat do something hilarious before crying when eliminated?

Anyway, I'm rereading the first entry for the well-rounded Angie for like the fifth time and I just noticed CGI Brett's appearance. Love the callbacks!
5:13pm 11-03-2017
No, Redemption Island is going to wind up with 7. Cook Islands either had 3 or 4 back on version 2. So Cook Islands remains the champion.
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