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9:14am 07-04-2020
Sophie character entry??
4:31pm 07-01-2020
Yes but it's part of a much bigger Sophie entry.
10:28am 07-01-2020
I don’t know if you can tell me this, but is Sophie’s FTC speech one of the remaining entries?
9:37pm 06-29-2020
Ross, thank you! I always had fun with those Exile Island episodes. And it kinda surprised me, because I never used to even like that season all that much. Historians kind of turned me around on it. And yes I am proud to take credit for the whole running smasher/not a smasher gag. The Bruce stuff after that was just the pooping on the cake.
4:47pm 06-29-2020
Hi Mario! I love the funny 115 and also I just read the Amanda’s run entry and I thought i was the only one who actually thought it was funny . Are you making a funny 115 part 4? If you do I have 2 suggestions. 1. You should make the cover in the index michele’s Jim Halpert face from WaW. 2. You know when Debbie is juggling in Kaoh Rong? She say you either have great hand I coordination or you don’t. Then peter asked her how it was and she said “I have.. pretty... good”. Which is pretty much in the middle of great and bad. So she basically contradicted Herself and proved that her great or bad hand eye coordination theory is not factual. I just thought it was really funny and I hope you noticed it!
11:26pm 06-28-2020
Love Historians. I think the best ones you did was on "Exile Island". I don't know why because "Exile Island" is not even close to being my personal favorite season. "Pooper/Not a Pooper" may be my favorite Historians episode out of all of them. I laughed the most with it and you guys seemed to have the most fun doing it.
9:19pm 06-28-2020
Phil, you're pretty close. But my ranking would probably be this:

Worlds Apart
South Pacific
Blood vs water
San Juan Del Sur
Redemption Island
One world
11:25am 06-27-2020
Obama also took: 30% of Parvati’s thumb & 100% of things Purple Kelly sucked.
9:59am 06-26-2020
Hi Mario, can’t wait to see the final few entries. Out of curiosity, could you give us your personal rankings for these 10 seasons. I imagine it goes

Worlds Apart
South Pacific
Blood V water
San Juan del sur
Redemption Island
One world
9:11pm 06-25-2020
Survive This
I never got the appeal of Amanda Kimmel. I mean, sure, she's quite pretty. And she has made some interesting game moves. But when she isn't talking about a move, she's still pretty game bot-like. Anyone else found that?
7:27pm 06-17-2020
She's boring and she's not an especially significant Survivor figure.
5:20pm 06-16-2020
What are your honest opinions on The Amanda Kimmel of Survivor: China, Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites, and Heroes vs. Villains fame?
4:00pm 06-16-2020
That does sound like a very Coach move
1:20am 06-11-2020
Never commented here before, but I just found out Coach once stood up Jerri on a date and I needed to share.
1:55pm 06-03-2020
Unfortunately, if Mario does decide to make version 4, there will likely not be nearly as many entries. Even a Funny 50 might be reaching
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