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4:18pm 02-27-2017
alright I've finished the Spencer pic hope its to your liking.

if you want any changes please let me know;
10:27am 02-27-2017
Spencer as a bobblehead would be good.
4:40pm 02-26-2017
I've been gong through a photo-shoping phase with survivor lately and I was wondering if there was anything that you needed photoshop wise.

a piece of my work
1:28pm 02-26-2017
Kenny B.
As Tyler says, deepest condolences to Bill Paxton. There will never be another of him, just like there will never be another Chris Daugherty.
9:00am 02-26-2017
Bill Paxton passed away (RIP). My first thought was the Chris voice comparison.

Thanks Mario...
5:01am 02-25-2017
Thanks ,

3:24pm 02-24-2017
Will is my least favorite Survivor. No one else's behavior approaches the despicable way he treated Shirin.

Since I adored Shirin (and was sad to see her go so soon in Second Chance), my deep dislike for Will was somewhat personal. Still, how could he say those things to her, or to anyone for that matter?
6:43pm 02-23-2017
I apologize for being unclear. I really liked Worlds Apart, mostly due to the enjoyable characters. I felt that the Will and Shirin conflict was part of why some people didn't like it. I agree that it shouldn't have played a role in whether the season is good or bad, but considering it apparently was a big enough deal to bring up in the reunion, I feel that it may color some perceptions of the season.

That, and I've found Dan tends to be one of those characters that is either quite liked, or quite disliked. Considering how much screentime he had, you could argue that would influence one's opinion of the season.

Then again, I only started watching Survivor with South Pacific, although I've seen all but 2 seasons as of now, so I'm not quite as in touch with how fans truly feel compared to, say, Mario.
5:03pm 02-23-2017
I'm in the process of rewatching it right now and it's totally renewed my love for that season (and Rodney.) The whole Will/Shirin storyline- it's so minor, I don't see how you could make that argument for it being a bad season. There are arguments every season. That's like saying Cagayan is a bad season because of one argument between Lindsey and Trish. Or Marquesas is bad because of the argument between John and Rob/Sean. It's an invalid argument.
1:42pm 02-23-2017
Yeah but the Will/Shirin part is just one minor storyline in the season. It doesn't really even factor into anything other than part of one episode.
11:33am 02-23-2017
I think part of the reason Worlds Apart has a bad rap is how much it was hyped up by Jeff leading up to it. That, and...the Will/Shirin conflict was REALLY ugly.
8:00am 02-23-2017
Totally agree. I don't understand why Worlds Apart has such a bad rep. Between Rodney, Dan, Jenn, Hali, and Vince it's one of the funniest seasons out there. I think (and hope) as time goes on people will do more of a 180 on it and maybe bring it some more love.
9:17am 02-22-2017
Zach I agree, Worlds Apart are my favorite entries. The next one will be about Jenn, because it is about time I start to feature her.
9:17am 02-22-2017
Andy my thoughts on Phillip are that he really isn't that bad. I thought he made Redemption Island, he was the star of most of that season. Yeah he fizzled out at the end but for at least half the season he was a lot of fun. And then in Caramoan he was actually a pretty good player who probably would have won had he not been blindsided when he was. So I think he mostly gets a bad rap. It doesn't mean I ever need to see him again, but really he was a pretty major character during a pretty bleak time for Survivor. So I think he should get more credit than he does.
8:43am 02-22-2017
Love the new entry. And can't wait for the next one, Worlds Apart entries are always promising.
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