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12:53pm 02-18-2018
David M.
It was great from start to finsih. Really looking forward to part 2. Also poor Monica, you didn't even mention her once during the whole episode :-D (I actually enjoyed her during her sting on Samoa, just hilarious that you mentioned both Brett and KSharb but not her lol).
10:47am 02-15-2018
Thank you! We were really looking forward to this season. I think it shows.
9:24am 02-15-2018
David M.
Oh, guess it's time to watch it again (he looks so different now lol)
Thanks for answering me!

By the way, I'm listening to the new Historians and I'm cracking the hell up. I'd missed you guys!
10:50am 02-14-2018
It's John Kenney from Vanuatu
12:52am 02-14-2018
David M.
Hi Marion, Loved that last entry, especially the crazy nicknames at the end (Cranklin and Bee (is that you nicknaming there, Savage?) being my favorites) but who is that Jenny person? His face doesn't ring any bell...
4:11pm 01-27-2018
Kenny B
Leif's entry is the sole reason as to why I like Leif as a character so much. Aside from him making Survivor history by just being there, the plain way that he speaks is the reason I like him so much. To me, its kinda relatable.

Aside from the box thing, I will tell you that him dancing with the Immunity Idol in his arms was amusing, too. It was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable season, and it came from an otherwise forgettable character of all places. Go figure.
8:48am 01-27-2018
Tina may come after you when she sees that Leif’s entry was higher than hers...
11:20am 01-25-2018
Thank you! Without question, that was the entry I was most excited about going into version 3. I always felt bad I never wrote about Rupert's shelter on the first one, so this entry was a rare chance to do kind of a do-over.
6:57am 01-25-2018
Entry #52 is genius - it's the kind of subtle thing you wouldn't normally pick up, builds on the history of characters that have been around for years in a great and nostalgic way, and has great jokes at Rupert's expense. Bravo.
4:35pm 01-03-2018
It's too early to say. If there was, it would be years in the future. Certainly not soon.
4:14pm 01-03-2018
Ben S35
Is there gonna be a Funny1154.0 for 31-Present?
6:39pm 12-31-2017
It first showed up in Guatemala and most people thought it was pretty cool.
12:17pm 12-31-2017
Hello Mr. Lanza, I have a question for you regarding fan reaction in the earlier days of Survivor, because I only started watching live at Samoa. What was the original internet reaction to the introduction of the hidden immunity idol? Thanks
7:32pm 12-19-2017
Cindy yes I'm halfway done with the top 25. Thank you for reminding me about it. And I'm pretty sure that riff is from Tormented. See below:
8:16am 12-19-2017
NaOnka entry was amazing. Also loved the Spaceball reference for the name of Chapter 20.
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