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8:10pm 07-24-2020
what is peoples favorite "entry" NOT on each 115
V2 - Favs v Favorites - Erik speaking to Amy and her passive aggressive Machete use
8:50pm 07-19-2020
My thoughts on non-binary people are that I really don't care, one way or another. If they're entertaining on TV, then yes I'd like to watch them. If they're not entertaining on TV, please pick somebody else. Being non binary in itself doesn't inherently make you interesting (*cough* Zeke). It's still a TV show above everything else, you should only pick people who can bring the entertainment and the charisma.
6:36pm 07-18-2020
Rodney was mad entertaining.
12:01pm 07-18-2020
I Hate Amanda
What are your thoughts on getting non-binary ppl on Survivor?
3:54pm 07-17-2020
Sadly, no. I never did an Ace entry. I never did a Dave from China entry either, and I've always regretted that. Sorry!
12:59pm 07-17-2020
Hi! I started reading your website when you were on version three but I have been going through version two as well. I haven’t seen every season that version 2 covers so I’m trying to look at the pictures On the front and read ones that I will know. However, I can’t find any entry with ace from Gabon. Is there an ace entry?
12:15am 07-17-2020
I don't really care about things like looks. Rodney was nice enough to send me all the extra impressions when I asked, and I’m nice enough to plug his Instagram when he asked me in return. Always be good to people if they're good to you first. If you have a problem with it beyond any of that, you're free to go speak to the manager.
9:20pm 07-16-2020
Having nothing better to do than criticize this dude on his own website ain’t the best look either
7:24pm 07-16-2020
Promoting somebody's instagram who frequently posts about how coronavirus and BLM are conspiracies to cover up democratic pedophilia (trust me, I know it doesn't make sense but that's his arg) is not the best look
11:55am 07-10-2020
Something funny I noticed is that in the China intro Courtney’s shot is her grinning while ripping a plant in half. Did anyone else notice this?
10:26am 07-10-2020
Hopefully the next one will be up this weekend. I've been waiting Rodney to send me some videos for it so it's been more on his time than mine.
11:09am 07-07-2020
i don’t mean to bother you, but will the next entries be done soon?
5:00pm 07-06-2020
I love how when Billy proclaims his love for Candice, Jeff goes, “Candice, from the raro tribe?” Except he’s so flustered that he pronounced “Raro” more like “Rurro”
It makes me laugh every time
2:09pm 07-06-2020
Oh my god I’m so excited now
12:49pm 07-04-2020
You got it
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