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6:25pm 06-25-2019
Aardash, it never made the list because it wasn't in an actual episode. That's a secret scene that only aired in the recap episode. Recap episodes were ineligible.
5:11pm 06-24-2019
All comments are appreciated for my fictional cast. Might even write an all star season
11:49am 06-23-2019
What are your thoughts on the S40 cast? Personally I missed a couple winners that didn’t return
My idea:
Tribe 1-Richard, Vecepia, Sandra, Kim, Cochran, Wendell
Tribe 2-Danni, Yul, Rob (you know hw HAD to be on this season), Denise, Adam, Sarah
Tribe 3-Tina, Brian, Parvati, Natalie A., Mike, Nick
11:58am 06-22-2019
How come this never made the Funny 115
1:15pm 05-31-2019
Hi, I just read your entry about the Penner-Probst rivalry from the third edition, and you said Probst was trying to tip Penner off to play his idol that night, which he did. That's why RC went home.
10:53pm 05-29-2019
Kenny B
Hey, just wanted to pop back in after a long time.

I just finished catching up from last November, and man, alot of great reads. Especially...what the...oh no...

"The players react with joy once they realize they'll get to interact with little kids."

*picture of Bob Johnson* didn't...
5:19pm 04-30-2019
Zach Vinci
Hey Mario! Just been watching season 38 and I have to say Wardogs constant pathetic performance in every single challenge is one of my favorite season long running jokes in a while, and the editors have picked up on that and run with it. If there’s ever a Version 4 I would hope to see it in there! Loving Version 3 so far!
2:52am 04-28-2019
arctic furnace
How's the Blood vs Water entry that you talked on Twitter coming along?
6:58pm 04-19-2019
No Version 4? You must write about Big Wendy in some other format, then.
5:17am 04-13-2019
I loved your comments about Big Tom winng the breakfast plate in Africa and joking that Ethan won;t eat the ham~ Big Tom is always great for a fun moment in all the Survivor drama-whether he walks around with a toilet on his head, gets cheap thrillls helping bath the women in Africa, his ding dong the witch is gone when Jerri got voted off in All Stars but my favorite moment was his reward adventure with Lex-who can forget Tom getting utterly plastered thanks to all the free booze provided? Tom loves his beer-and any kind of liquor. He got almost as drunk in all stars when he was on the fishing boat reward! Big Tom is always great for fun! Wish he would come back to Survivor again and give us more laughter!
11:06pm 04-12-2019
Hey Mario! Big Survivor fan from the Philippines here and I just wanted to express how much I enjoy going through your website so I just wanted to say thanks for showing me that the even the smallest things can make one's day! Really hope you can still continue making V3 but I know it's getting quite tough as the newer seasons don't have that tone that characterized OG Survivor. Oh well, best of luck and nice seeing you active on r/surivor!
9:12pm 03-30-2019
Thank you Jordan! I always appreciate getting feedback like that. You're right, it's an incredibly draining job to always be churning out content and it can feel pretty thankless at times. Thank you for taking the time to write, it means a lot to me.
4:10pm 03-26-2019
Hi Mario! I discovered the funny 115 a year or two ago, and it never fails to make my day a little brighter. As a creative person, I know that making content for strangers on the internet can feel like a pretty thankless job sometimes, so I just want to say thanks for all the work you do to make us laugh. Some of these entries are works of art in my mind. Keep doing what you do!
9:30pm 03-22-2019
Nedarb I can almost guarantee you there will never be a version 4. I never even finished watching the past three seasons.
2:21pm 03-21-2019
As I continue watching the latest season, one idea keeps growing; there will likely not be a Funny 115 version 4. Maybe you see some hidden gems that I'm not seeing, but too many contestants seem self-aware. If that makes sense. The recent seasons just seem to lack unintentional comedians
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