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5:45pm 11-20-2020
Dont rush it.. its been a ride! especially in lockdown times
8:00am 10-21-2020
My goal is to be done by the end of the year. But the Dan entry won't be out until mid November at the earliest. I haven't even been working on it.
7:12pm 10-20-2020
When are you going to finish the list? The wait feels like it's been forever.
1:09pm 10-19-2020
I don't know about Zeke. Maybe Varner knows.
3:31pm 10-10-2020
I really like the idea of continuing the funny115 with like individual entries, not necessarily 115 total entries because I've seen survivor and reality tv in general moving away from comedy. Is Zeke non binary? i just thought that he was a gay trans man and not necessarily non binary.
3:01pm 10-04-2020
I'll probably never commit to a full version 4. But I will probably be open to donations if people want specific writeups or entries. I'll announce that after v3 ends.
11:23am 10-02-2020
How much would I need to donate for you to do a version 4
11:40am 09-13-2020
When I saw Nicaragua as #3, I was hoping it would be Fabio and Marty. I'm glad their alliance has been enshrined in this entry.
7:03pm 09-12-2020
We'll see.
5:53pm 09-12-2020
Does this mean sophie is #1?!
9:29am 09-02-2020
And I doubt that's going to change much in the final three entries.
2:17pm 09-01-2020
This lineup has been fairly Woo-free...
12:13pm 08-07-2020
Thanks! I'll go fix it.
8:48pm 08-06-2020
On the 20-chapter entry, after you finish the last one there’s no link to the next entry
4:24pm 08-03-2020
Hi Mario!

I recently got into survivor after falling flat on my face and moving back in with my parents - I have nothing to do so I watch it for 8+ hours a day. I just wanted to say thank you for the 115 it has brightened many a sad day for me and has made survivor all the more fun :7
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