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9:48am 04-13-2021
WOW. The fans of reality TV are the absolute worst. Ill refrain from insulting the wife ( I want too) but I'd like to hear her side of the story. I hope Dan was able to move on and find a more faithful partner.
7:17am 04-12-2021
Even the strongest can crack sometimes
3:52pm 04-09-2021
On Amber's "oh my God" entry, she does say oh my God in episode 11, on the reward with Rupert and jenna. Albeit it was in tandem with jenna.
7:09am 04-09-2021
Yes it's true. I didn't mention it in the writeup because I thought it was too personal, but they got divorced eventually. And a few of the WA castmembers blame the show for why it happened, specifically the edit Dan got, and the behavior of the fans who harassed his wife about it. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to write the entry.
10:43pm 04-07-2021
Hey mario. I read on reddit recently that Dan Foleys wife divorced him after the show.

That's the tread I'm referring to. Any truth to this?
12:05am 04-03-2021
Maybe for a v4 you could do moments you missed out on in past seasons as well as what's left in seasons from the past 6 or so years. Like the way Lisa's brother says "siiisteeerrrr" in Phillippines.
10:39am 03-24-2021
Coach Wade
At the dawn of every morning, hope springs eternal.
9:16am 03-24-2021
Keith Nalwe
*spits* Wesley’s a good sonofagun; he ain’t been to jail yet. Boy does have a nugget eatin problem though
7:43am 03-24-2021
Coach Wade
"I am so true that existing around people that smile evilly when somebody else is on their knees kills me."
3:35pm 03-23-2021
Wes Nale
I once ate 58 chicken nuggets in 5 minutes when we had that eating contest the one time.
1:35pm 03-23-2021
I still can't believe that girl beat both you and Ozzy.
12:08pm 03-23-2021
Coach Wade
"As iron sharpens iron, so too does one man sharpen another."
11:28am 03-23-2021
I can't think of a better way to lead us into the vote.
7:24am 03-23-2021
Coach Wade
"With friend and foe we march to the battle plain

Some to seek success. Others to seek fame

We play with honor. For the love of this game

And with armor or without, we will toil in vain

So that someday, someone, somewhere, will remember our name."
4:53pm 03-22-2021
Kenny B.
Speaking of Nawel talking about v1.0, I wanted to mention something small about Fall of Russell Part 2. So you know about the confessional where Russell goes and buries the Villains' machete and brags about how it'll help him, he also talks about other things he could hide, like Boston Rob's "little B hat." Russell says something very interesting that, if you know anything about baseball, will make your sides explode.

"Rob likes that little B hat, don't he? And I don't even LIKE the Boston Red Sox! It's the Houston Astros, baby!"

So for those not in the baseball loop, just a few years ago, the Houston Astros finally won the World Series for the first time in franchise history. And just how did they get there? By spying on the catcher's signs, banging trash cans and using concealed beepers to notify their batters of what kind of pitch is coming up. In layman's terms, the Astros cheated to win the World Series in 2017. Once everything leaked and came out into the public eye, the Astros became Public Enemy #1, and their players were constantly booed by everyone and getting intentionally tagged by fastballs.

The parallels are kinda staggering, if you stop to think about it.
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