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11:42pm 08-05-2023
read thru your Dan Foley analysis while I was supposed to be updating my resume. Time well spent. i found your website after someone mentioned it on reddit. love the work, thank you!!
6:53am 04-04-2023
(of course I meant Final Sacrifice!)
6:10am 04-04-2023
You can't imagine how bummed out I was that the link to your top 25 MST3K episodes is non-existent. Your commentary on 50-26 was hilarious and took me down memory lane. I've seen most of those but there are some I missed. Like, I just in the last year saw "Danger, Death Ray" for the first time and it instantly shot into my top 10. I wonder if it's on the rest of your list.... Puma Man, Werewolf, the Magic Sword, Final Justice...
12:02pm 03-06-2023
You guys will be happy to know that I just posted a new Funny 115 chapter in my South Pacific entry.
11:14pm 02-08-2023
Redemption Island will be the first season to have the podcast take place over three different years, it would be the first
7:26am 10-27-2022
I'll be back posting again in November. I took two months off to do a horror month episode of my movie podcast.
10:40am 10-08-2022
For Canadian Thanksgiving, I'd be especially thankful if you'd post the next chapter of the funny115
6:37pm 08-18-2022
Bill Kramer
Where are the historians? Need my fix!
10:00pm 08-08-2022
I watched the extra Survivor Season 1 Outrageous Moments DVD for the first time in years. Besides seeing all the tribal council voting. These were my favorite highlights:

1) Pagong got mad a BB for washing his shirt in canteen water, but nobody seem to be outraged that Sean would go to the well to shave his face and body, and even rinse his razor in the lid of the well.

2) Later when Sue is mad at Kelly, she's talking to Rich and Rudy being like: "We will let them all know that she voted for Gretchen, because that was back when Sean was doing alphabet soup!"
12:04am 08-02-2022
Twila Fan
Hey Mario, thanks for all the amazing work you've done on your book and the funny115!

You may have already noticed this, but I googled around to see if anyone mentioned this in the past and I couldn't find anything, so I figured I'd mention it because I thought it was a funny detail noticed while watching Marquesas.

Rob Decanio, when they merge, talks about how real men don't wear pink, despite what others say. He goes on to refuse to wear the pink buff around camp or in confessionals at all. He'll always take it off when he's given the chance, and only wears it to Tribal Council and Challenges where I assume the producers force him to put it on. I still haven't seen the final 6 episode, but from eps 7-10 he constantly takes the thing off and I thought it was kinda funny. Never seen anyone mention this before.
10:25pm 06-06-2022
Yeah it's funny, that's something I have been joking about for years. To me that would be the ultimate jumping of the shark moment in Survivor, when the show has gotten so dumb that everyone just starts with a hidden idol. I had no idea we would ever actually get to that point. And now I see fans openly arguing it would be a fun idea and they should do it. In related news, I can't believe this show is still on.
11:57am 06-05-2022

You should go back and listen to Episode 45 of the Historians, This is why Montana can’t have nice things.

Specifically, listen at the 2:32:10 mark. You talk about how you could foresee a future of survivor where you start the game with a certain number of idols allotted to each player and you have to use them correctly. Best of all, you literally say around the season 40 mark. It’s like you had inside information that at season 40 they would introduce fire tokens.
6:45pm 06-03-2022
Hi Mario!
I've been a fan of the funny115 for a while now, and I just want to say that I absolutely love it! The little callbacks, references, quips and nicknames you give in your writeups really make it fun to read.
I know you haven't finished your South Pacific mega-entry yet (which I am really enjoying as it comes out), but I can't wait to see what you'll come up with if you do a Funny 11 #4 for Cambodia to Winners at War. It might be tough, given Survivor editing has gotten more strategy and less personality focused nowadays, but I think there's potential for maybe a total of 115 funny moments across those 10 seasons (or 9, once you discount IotI).
9:14pm 05-25-2022
Idk if you watch Survivor 42, but the FTC is a very close comparison to South Pacific. Could be worth mentioning in your #1 entry writeup
8:07am 05-12-2022
Hi Mario, just got done reading your progress so far on the third funny 115. I saw the first two seasons and Palau but season 23 was what actually got me into the show and it remains in many ways my favorite season so it's neat that you're doing a ludicrously long Rashamon style recap of it.

Since you're getting to Ozzy asking to get voted out, I think something people overlook is this: At that point Ozzy knew he'd be voted out well before the end regardless. I don't think anyone thought that taking out Christine was actually vital for Savaii strategically, but the major upshot of it was it was a move Ozzy could make as an appeal for Jury votes, which is why he talked himself into it. He knew that simply challenge running to the end probably wouldn't win the jury vote by itself, that he had to do it in such a way that most of the jury was on his side and that was one (of many) things he did to accomplish that.
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