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3:15am 07-29-2017
Just now realizing the guy named Tarzan had the best vocabulary of anyone ever on the show, and maybe there's something there.
7:28am 07-28-2017
Totally agree about Kid Nation. Taylor is one of the all time great reality TV villains.
11:14am 07-27-2017
Kid Nation is one of the greatest reality shows ever. It's a shame that so many parents groups trashed the crap out of it so it never got a chance. I always wanted my daughter to be on it if they did a second season, it was like a summer camp for fun gifted kids and I loved it.

The only show I rank up there with it (aside from early Survivor) is season one of the Contender. That show as awesome too.
6:47am 07-27-2017
I very much enjoyed the unexpected shout out to Kid Nation in the new entry. You consistently surprise with the breadth of your pop culture references, and it's delightful.

(PS as a fellow movie buff I'm also looking forward to more in your 200 Movies That Deserve More Love series...)
3:18pm 07-21-2017
You're welcome. Glad I could help cheer up one of my favorite people.
6:03am 07-21-2017
Leann Lindsley
I have to give The Survivor Historian props (again) for the awesome podcasts. I am now completely up to date. So freaking funny...also insightful. I have devoured everything Survivor since Borneo WAS Survivor. Love reliving all the seasons. I even listened to All-Stars. This Summer has been super crappy for me. Listening to the podcast while at my job helped. Thank you for always making me laugh.
7:16pm 07-17-2017
Philippines was the first season I saw and Matsing has to be the worst tribe since then. After the first episode that Denise woman was my random pick to win it all so when the season was over I should've hit the racetrack or something. (The only time since that I correctly guessed the winner after the premiere was Twinnie Natalie.)

Anyway, love the CGI Brett pic in the Angie entry. Keep the callbacks coming! (My favorite is Heidi's appearance in Natalie B's entry.)
9:18am 06-29-2017
Yes I know, that's my favorite joke of that entry. There isn't actually a picture of Mary at any point in the writeup. I always use somebody else.
4:09pm 06-28-2017
Hey Mario, I have to clue you in about #71 Mary Sartain. the pics you show are of Tracey Hughes- Wolf... Oh, and a hot looking Alexis...
10:37pm 06-22-2017
Oh jeez, I don't know how I missed that. Sorry :c
Still, loving your work. Keep it up.
4:16pm 06-22-2017
I love that one! But the problem is that I already did a Skinny Ryan pic for a FUBC. I used one at the start of entry #91.
3:52pm 06-22-2017
Hey Mario, just wanted to say your writing is great as usual. Not sure where to put submissions for FYBC pics, but here's mine, a reference to one of the most brazen statements of hostility in Survivor history.
1:25pm 06-22-2017
Zach, thanks! I am very proud of that entry, it is one of my favorites. It's probably because it is especially mean spirited and biting, I tend to be at my best when I am angry about something. But then again Probst sort of asks for it with the crap he has been pulling the last few years. In fact, some of the jokes in this entry are direct reactions to things he has said to people during interviews recently.
12:05pm 06-22-2017
I agree. But lord knows how difficult it is to keep a muzzle on Probst...
12:03pm 06-22-2017
I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard at an entry since Version 2.0. That was amazing. I will always love anything that makes fun of Probst and his "big movez" mindset. That is why the premerge of Blood vs Water is amazing. Thank you for giving us #70 on the Funny 115.
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