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7:27pm 09-27-2017
I just wanted to let you know that I love The Funny 115 and after reading your latest entry regarding San Juan Del Sur, I just have to say 'Bravo!'
8:13pm 09-16-2017
Okay thanks, I will fix them!
10:57pm 09-15-2017
Hey, Mario, huge fan!

I noticed a couple of things. First, it looks like there are a couple of formatting errors in episode 1 of Survivor Alaska. Just ctrl find the symbol < and you'll see what I'm talking about. Also, in the Hawaii finale part a, the link to Alicia's final words sends you to the wrong place.

Love the site, and can't wait to read more!
8:07am 09-08-2017
Thank you glad we could help irregularly
10:57pm 09-05-2017
I listen to your podcast every time I go to the gym. I don't go to the gym that much.
8:07pm 08-27-2017
It's the same person, they just misspelled her name on the show. It's Lorie.
2:04pm 08-27-2017
Also, Chris's loved one was his girlfriend Laurie but he mentions Lorie in his testimonial on your site. I'm wondering if they're different people or if her name is misspelled either here or on the show.
10:53pm 08-25-2017
Oops. Thanks, I will try to fix it.
10:47pm 08-25-2017
I'm rewatching Vanuatu and notice there's a mistake in your Chad Has a Leg Up entry. That scene actually takes place before the merge, when there are still four men left.

(And thanks to the 115 I can't not hear Bill Paxton when Chris speaks.)
11:13pm 08-16-2017
During the "Gaboner" entry, the animated gif of Bob's air hump was playing in time with the music that was playing on my Spotify. Even better, the dog was called "Love Me Tenderly" so I just got to watch an old man orgasm over plants while listening to somebody singing about being tenderly loved. Thank you for making this possible, Mario. Thank you.
3:15am 07-29-2017
Just now realizing the guy named Tarzan had the best vocabulary of anyone ever on the show, and maybe there's something there.
7:28am 07-28-2017
Totally agree about Kid Nation. Taylor is one of the all time great reality TV villains.
11:14am 07-27-2017
Kid Nation is one of the greatest reality shows ever. It's a shame that so many parents groups trashed the crap out of it so it never got a chance. I always wanted my daughter to be on it if they did a second season, it was like a summer camp for fun gifted kids and I loved it.

The only show I rank up there with it (aside from early Survivor) is season one of the Contender. That show as awesome too.
6:47am 07-27-2017
I very much enjoyed the unexpected shout out to Kid Nation in the new entry. You consistently surprise with the breadth of your pop culture references, and it's delightful.

(PS as a fellow movie buff I'm also looking forward to more in your 200 Movies That Deserve More Love series...)
3:18pm 07-21-2017
You're welcome. Glad I could help cheer up one of my favorite people.
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