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6:49am 06-07-2017
Link is broken on V3 between item 72 and 71. Nice job on this and Historians Mario!
11:08pm 06-03-2017
Survivor has had some incredible scandals.
8:18pm 06-03-2017
Some Guy
I'm glad I'm a fan of The Funny 115. It taught me about Fartgate, a scandal that has never been topped in terms of controversy, although it's followed close behind by Flintgate.
8:01pm 06-01-2017
Few favorite moments during Game Changer:

1) Insect during Tribal Council which scares Sandra
2) Micheala drinking during J.T. voted out. (A.k.a the Sugar incident)
3) "For 94 days" "Don't do it Jeff!" (Jeff's troll smile)
7:59pm 06-01-2017
Phew... I'm glad to hear it. I just don't want to see Brandon's Meltdown or any scene involves Philip vs Brandon in Caramoan.

It was something most people are in debate on Brandon's mentality.
10:46am 05-31-2017
Good idea. That scene wasn't funny. It was the second most uncomfortable scene I've ever seen on Survivor. The most being, well, Varner and Zeke.
2:03am 05-31-2017
No. I am staying far away from that scene.
1:52am 05-31-2017
Hey Mario, I got a question.

Is Brandon's Meltdown in one of the top 10 in your funny 115 The Third One list?
12:47am 05-31-2017
By the way, for anyone who is curious, yes of course I am still writing new entries. I just took a week off because of the finale and because that was all anyone was going to talk about. In a few more days I will have my #73 Keith and Wes entry up.
5:17am 05-30-2017
Although I didn't watch much of the season, I can't help but agree with what you said. Just by reading the updates, it seemed the abundance of idols and advantages wouldn't end well, and it all culminated in a plot thread you'd expect more in the Total Drama series from Cartoon Network rather than real life. I like that Sarah won despite the uphill battle she had to endure, but this whole season felt so manipulative, or at least, more so than previous seasons.
11:27pm 05-29-2017
Well I kinda say Game Changer is a so-so for me as after the merge there's kinda no ''favorite castaways' since majority of the got voted out including Sandra and Michaela and some that I don't like the remaining cast such as Brad and Troyzan (no biased involved though). I do like Cirie but sad she got outplayed by the idols and legacy thing.

At least it's not as worse as the two seasons where Phillip Sheppard was in.
12:48am 05-29-2017
I believe that is word for word what he said.
8:01am 05-28-2017
Another missing word is in the John Rocker entry.

Man, that's my favorite team, everybody watches the Atlanta.

Unless that's what Wes actually said.
3:09pm 05-26-2017
I agree with everything you just said, Mario. Game Changers is the first season I stopped watching partway through because I just couldn't care about more than one person come merge time (that being Cirie). It's a shame she got screwed over like that, but at the same time, the producers only have themselves to blame.

That said, Sarah did a really good job, much better than I thought she would.
2:21pm 05-26-2017
Sarah was a pretty good winner but unfortunately she will be remembered as a good winner in a shitty season. It's not really her fault, she was a victim of the season being screwed up by the producers too.
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