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2:23pm 01-08-2017
Devin, I will certainly keep doing them. I am just in the middle of a job search right now so I am trying to balance Funny 115 entries with that. That's why I only do about one a week at the moment.
2:08pm 01-08-2017
I loved the one about how the Australians love BB, that was great. And the one about why Kelly lost was because she was a woman was hilarious too, cause of how wrong it is. Can't wait to get to your three favorites!
1:11pm 01-08-2017
"Watch this, I'll skew the edit and force them to make her look like the bad guy. Don't mess with the leg, girl, or you'll get the horns."

I was expecting "Don't mess with the leg, girl, or you'll get the toes." when I read this entry (#100)
10:15pm 01-07-2017
I just wanted to say thanks for doing these posts. These things are hilarious and hope you keep it up.
12:27am 01-07-2017
Thanks! My three favorite chapters are How Tina Won, Writers are Needy, and the Temporal Junction Point. You will get to the Tina one soon.
6:18pm 01-06-2017
I've read the first 70 pages of When it was Worth Playing for, and I LOVE it so far. Every time I say this is gonna be my last chapter of the night, I have to read another. Very insightful and intriguing about the early days of Survivor. Please let there be a sequel!
4:11pm 01-05-2017
I hope Analytical dan gets to be buried in a sandy crater!!!.
9:12am 01-04-2017
So sad to hear about Analytical Dan...☹️. He will he truly missed.
4:07am 01-03-2017
Oh ok xD I see. I would've loved to see an all top 10 Coach cause he's the most entertaining guy to ever play the game but I understand people not liking him. And about the DAYUM thing that makes sense. Thanks
2:34pm 01-02-2017
Yeah and like I wrote in the entry, DAYUM was featured on the Ellen Degeneres show for a couple of weeks after it happened as well. It was one of the few crossover moments that made it big outside of Survivor.

In regards to the Coach entries, I easily could have made the Top 10 all Coach entries but I had to break them up and spread them around the countdown so my readers wouldn't revolt. Coach was not a very popular character at the time I wrote version 2.0. He was kind of a tough sell so I had to work him in gradually.
11:18pm 12-31-2016
It comes from nowhere and the two girls (and a cutaway to Frosti) jump out of their skins... its freakin hilarious
6:35pm 12-31-2016
I just finished reading the Funny 115 V 2.0 (amazing job by the way) and I agree with mostly everything, except for one thing. I'm a little confused why "Dayum!" is top 10, and entries like "They call me the Dragonslayer", "Coachs Poem", and "The Almighty BobDawg fall outside the top 90. I'd have each one of those higher than Dayum. Can you maybe explain the reasoning in that and maybe help me to see why Dayum deserves the top 10? Thanks
8:09pm 12-25-2016
Thank you! Feel free to email me if you have any comments about it.
10:52am 12-25-2016
I got "When it was Worth Playing for" for Christmas, can't wait to start reading it!
4:56pm 12-22-2016
You can blame One World for that. I don't feel like writing about that waste of a season.
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