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12:48am 05-29-2017
I believe that is word for word what he said.
8:01am 05-28-2017
Another missing word is in the John Rocker entry.

Man, that's my favorite team, everybody watches the Atlanta.

Unless that's what Wes actually said.
3:09pm 05-26-2017
I agree with everything you just said, Mario. Game Changers is the first season I stopped watching partway through because I just couldn't care about more than one person come merge time (that being Cirie). It's a shame she got screwed over like that, but at the same time, the producers only have themselves to blame.

That said, Sarah did a really good job, much better than I thought she would.
2:21pm 05-26-2017
Sarah was a pretty good winner but unfortunately she will be remembered as a good winner in a shitty season. It's not really her fault, she was a victim of the season being screwed up by the producers too.
2:20pm 05-26-2017
I thought Game Changers was a soulless producer-interfering piece of crap and the Cirie exit was a perfect ending for a season like that. The producers got what they deserved for being all idol and advantage happy.

And thanks for the missing word feedback, I just went in and fixed it.
9:23am 05-26-2017
Love the Dawson entry (and love Dawson). To stay in the game maybe she should've done the opposite and talk about how hot and awesome ballplayers are. Oh well.

OMG I cannot believe you just number two about Bruce!
seems to be missing a word.
2:24pm 05-25-2017
Hey Mario, now that Game Changers is finished, I was wondering, what did you think of the season, the winner, and most of all, Cirie's "no vote" exit?
12:02pm 05-17-2017
You brought back the Penner Picture from Version 2.0!!!!!!!!!
9:12pm 05-16-2017
Kenny B
I can only sum up that last entry in about 5 words.

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa
3:43am 05-15-2017
Couldn't agree more. I feel like every time they do returning players it gets worse and worse from the crap that was Caramoan to Cambodia which was even worse, and now onto this which is probably the worst yet. And that audience that likes Survicor like this is because they've never seen the show when it was great back in the early days and they don't understand how much better it could be.
10:44pm 05-14-2017
It's crap. And the fact that this is what the audience wants Survivor to be is even bigger crap.
12:27pm 05-14-2017
What are your thoughts on Game Changers so far? I honestly can't stand it, it's one of my least favorite seasons (especially since Sandra went home). Before Sandra went it was ok, but since then it's been brutal.
10:08pm 05-10-2017
I don't have an entry like that planned
6:21pm 05-10-2017
Will one future entry be how in Cagayan Trish and Sarah attempt to throw a basketball based challenge when they have a former NBA player on their tribe or will that be under the entry detailing the wacky (mis)adventures of the "Brains" tribe?
11:09am 05-10-2017
Oh that's great, let me see how well that works as a page.
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