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7:55pm 04-28-2017
Or this. Did you guys see this yet? It is an addendum I added to the Funny 115. It is completely blasphemous and hilarious.
7:50pm 04-28-2017
Thank you! That's the entry I am most proud of so far.
5:24pm 04-28-2017
Finally getting caught up on version three and I cried laughing at the Thank You Brad Culpepper article. Actual tears came out of my face. I always liked Brad but that article still opened up my eyes to how awesome he is as a Survivor character. Absolutely brilliant writing, Mario.
9:56pm 04-23-2017
Funnily enough, South Pacific was actually my first ever season of Survivor.

In retrospect, it wasn't the most glorious start, but it could have been much worse. I now feel the need to rewatch it just to try to track the snarky Sophie comments I missed throughout my cheering on Cochran (I was a 22 year old nerd, who was six feet tall and 155 pounds before attempting to join the military and beefing up, so I saw a bit of myself in Cochran).
12:06pm 04-23-2017
South Pacific is so much fun if you just change the way you watch it.
7:28am 04-23-2017
I will be honest, I never actually appreciated Sophie for the kind of character she is. And sadly, I dont think I ever will, because she was on South Pacific, my personal least favorite season, and I dont want to subject myself to it again. Hopefully the Funny 115 can help change that.
9:39am 04-20-2017
You know, the Marty's Hair entry was already pretty funny. That alpine skier just put it over the edge into "I shouldn't be drinking while reading" territory.
7:16pm 04-19-2017
How could you ever defend a monster like Brad!!!!!! he gives up
the feast for his own tribe just to place himself further in the game. this person is a monster and should never of played to begin with, NEVER THE LESS TWICEi'm kidding of course its a joke, no one hate me
8:26am 04-14-2017
Oh yes, Brad's math skills will show up as their own entry soon. I loved that.
5:09pm 04-13-2017
Hey Mario,

Watching the extra clips from last night and noticed Culpepper's superlative counting skills make an encore appearance. Reminded me of your 115 entry
5:26am 04-13-2017
was shocking.. but i am glad the gravity of what he did hit him by the end of tribal... still... shocking
9:06pm 04-12-2017
...I can't believe Varner just did that.
12:29am 04-06-2017
You knew it was coming sooner or later. Naturally it took a twist to take her out.
10:22pm 04-05-2017
Well, the inevitable happened. Good on Sandra for lasting as long as she did with that big target on her back.
8:32am 04-04-2017
Perfect, thanks!
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