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7:13am 01-16-2017
Also you think if Drew made it further in SJDS, he'd probably be this countdown's Siska? Or do you already have somebody in mind who went above and beyond Jason's antics?
7:10pm 01-14-2017
Exactly! I believe he gets way too much love, and way too much screentime. And the reunion show was a joke. Debbie was the only thing right about Kaoh Rong in my opinion.
1:43pm 01-14-2017
I thought Tai was awfully one note for being such a popular character. I mean, he seems like a nice guy but I wouldn't call him a great character or anything.
8:10am 01-14-2017
Yeah I really liked Debbie and Adam too. In my opinion Cambodia was ok. I thought the unpredictability is what kept it decent even if it's nothing like what Survivor should be. I really didn't like Kaoh Rong mostly because I'm a Tai hater. And I thought MvGX was also ok.
8:30pm 01-13-2017
I generally don't pay close attention to seasons as they are airing, so I don't have strong opinions of most of them. Except I thought Cambodia was terrible and I don't understand why people think Survivor should be like that. The other two were decent enough. I liked Adam as a winner. Debbie is one character that stands out that I liked.
7:35pm 01-13-2017
Hey Mario just wondering since it'll be a very long time il we get a funny 115 on these seasons so what are your thoughts on Cambodia, Kaoh Rong, and Millennials vs Gen X? And which characters are your favorites? Thanks
1:33pm 01-12-2017
Hey Mario! Love your writing, and just starting getting into the podcasts on your page.

I have a small suggestion for the Mary, Who? entry. She was actually not that forgettable! I can remember her clearly- she was the second boot on a two tribe season, and was voted out at her first tribal council. She loved survivor! Plus, she had a pretty shocking boot, considering there was a player who annoyed the tribe much more than her. However, since there was a couple on her tribe, she took the fall. So I think you should mention that there are some notable things about her.

Oh, two other things you might want to fix: You mistyped her name; it's spelt Mari. And she was on season 33, so you might want to move the entry to the 4th funny 115 list.

8:00am 01-11-2017
Debbie will at least be mentioned in an entry coming up.

The ASCII stuff was sort of a tribute to Shirin. I figured she would immediately know what that picture said since she is a computer programmer.
7:15am 01-11-2017
Two things:
1 - Even though I had an idea on what it will say, I still laughed my ass off when I converted the ASCII in the header of the most recent entry to text
2 - It's a shame we have to wait until the Tokyo Olympics to hear your writeups on Varner, Mark the Chicken, Debbie, Savage's Blindside and MvGX Episode 1 Immunity Irony
9:51pm 01-09-2017
I think it would be very easy. If somebody wants to create one, go for it. I will even write the foreword for it.
2:30pm 01-09-2017
Went through this as an addendum to re-listening to the earlier historians podcasts. What are the chances that countdown of Jeff Probst dick moments could be created?
2:23pm 01-08-2017
Devin, I will certainly keep doing them. I am just in the middle of a job search right now so I am trying to balance Funny 115 entries with that. That's why I only do about one a week at the moment.
2:08pm 01-08-2017
I loved the one about how the Australians love BB, that was great. And the one about why Kelly lost was because she was a woman was hilarious too, cause of how wrong it is. Can't wait to get to your three favorites!
1:11pm 01-08-2017
"Watch this, I'll skew the edit and force them to make her look like the bad guy. Don't mess with the leg, girl, or you'll get the horns."

I was expecting "Don't mess with the leg, girl, or you'll get the toes." when I read this entry (#100)
10:15pm 01-07-2017
I just wanted to say thanks for doing these posts. These things are hilarious and hope you keep it up.
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