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12:31pm 08-22-2016
Hey Mario I don't know if anyone has ever pointed this out to you but in the Caramoan finale when Jeff announces Cochran as the winner Jef sounds so happy and thrilled that Cochran won. At first i thought i was being silly but then i listened to Jeff announce other winners and realized that in fact Jeff did let himself become excited by Cochrans win. Little funny moment i thought id point out.
4:34am 08-16-2016
Anthony V.
Hi just want to say great job on both Funny 115, cant wait to read your third version. Hoping to see alot of Tony's entries from Cagayan =)
12:40pm 08-15-2016
I have about two more episodes of SJDS to watch and then I have to rewatch WA. Then I will start writing entries. It's technically possible I could be writing entries before the end of the month. It depends on my watching schedule.
9:49am 08-15-2016
I love the 12 inch stingray ad in the Robb entry
12:16pm 08-14-2016
Hi Mario! Not to put pressure or anything, but you did say that we could expect the Funny 115 v3 sometime this August. Any update on when it'll be out?
6:47am 08-02-2016
Yeah Mario, those ads are hilarious, I love them!!!
8:50pm 07-31-2016
I have never seen a single episode of Big Brother. Not planning on it either.
12:39pm 07-31-2016
Mario I was wondering do you currently or have you ever followed Big Brother. If so, what's your take on it and who are your favorite players.
2:05pm 07-29-2016
My favorite is the joke ad on the "Kathy pees on John" entry in version 1. That one still makes me laugh.
2:05pm 07-29-2016
Yes that was intentional. I actually have funny joke ads on about half the Funny 115 entries, it's a little easter egg for people who actually pay attention to that stuff.
5:23pm 07-28-2016
Is this Carving Faces Workbook advertisement placement intentional? Is this your message to Jason Siska for when he reads this? It's like the website is shouting "READ THIS BOOK NEXT TIME NIMWIT!"
(apologies in advance if the link doesn't work)
10:06pm 07-13-2016
Will, thank you, I really appreciate it. I am very proud of that SNL countdown, it is one of my favorite things I have ever written. I'm glad to hear that people appreciate it.
8:20pm 07-11-2016
Huge Survivor and Funny 115 fan, but I somehow just discovered the SNL Funny 115, and as someone equally frustrated with how much everyone complains about SNL when most of the episodes are still a lot of great sketches, I deeply appreciated that you made this list for some reason.
4:43pm 07-02-2016
Skupin is that you?
5:39am 06-24-2016
Can't leave out Phillip Sheppards Steath R' Us alliance
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